Waterless Pools

It Begins

Let’s see, no water first thing, bad internet all morning, a little bit of rain, and now I’m out doing some pool service. Just another day of life on the island.


So I’m still feeling awkward about Christmas. I can’t stop looking back and cringing at myself. I keep going over interactions in my head and hoping I didn’t leave a bad impression or come off as a dumbass.

Pool Service

I spent a good deal of time working on pools. The first pool was easy as always, just had to hang out for a while adding water. Most of the pools were low. The second took a bit more work, they recently did some yard work and a lot of it ended up in the pool. Unfortunately, the water being out prevented me from adding water early on.

I serviced two new pools at one of our villas today because the regular caretaker is out of the country. They were both in bad shape in their own way. One was too low on water and very dirty. Ended up staying there kind of late to get it filled enough once the water came back on. The other was totally imbalanced.

It took a good while to get the dirty one vacuumed and scrubbed and it will need even more work before we open for guests. I went light on the chemicals in the other because I’m still new to this and don’t want to get it wrong. After that, it was back to a pool I had cleaned earlier for another thirty minutes to add more water.


Throughout the day I got a chance to play Factorio. I brought my laptop with me while filling pools and took some time to play while waiting for the water level to rise. I’ve begun setting up a train system to replace my sushi. The problem is my sushi system is so messed up it takes forever to get anything done.

There’s a lot about Factorio trains I don’t know yet. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to get into using combinators and logic. What I envision is trains just randomly going to stations with needed resources. But I’ll have to experiment. I really wish there was an easy creative mode in the game.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is another early morning shot. This was taken from the balcony of my room at sunrise. I just love the way the clouds look over the backdrop of the sky’s colors.

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