Boxing Day


Technically, Boxing Day is a holiday here. Not a whole lot we can get done, but we actually did some work already. We ran to a few villas just to take a look at them, check that everything is in order. We’ve got one that needs a decent amount of work before the guests arrive in a couple weeks. Nothing we can’t handle though.

After a lunch of Christmas dinner leftovers I stopped by our needy guests. They were complaining about a few leaves in the pool. I spent a good few minutes skimming the pool to get everything I could. Mostly what I found was moths because they left the lights on overnight. Other than that, it’s been a fairly easy day.


Been spending a good amount of time playing Factorio. The sushi isn’t doing so good, it takes a lot of micromanagement to keep things running smoothly. My belts are filling up too quickly with stuff that isn’t being used. I’ve gotten construction robots though, so that’ll help lessen the work I have to do repairing walls from biter attacks.

After a bit more playing, I’ve come to realize that sushi just won’t work. I’m about 14 hours into this map now, I’ve unlocked yellow science, but I will never be able to get the throughput needed with a single long loop of a belt. I’ll need to just tear everything down and rebuild.

The only other way to do it is basically the same as I did in my first real good world, the one that already has over two hundred hours and has technically won. I wanted to do something different this time though. I mean, as it stands this world can still get me two achievements that I can’t do in that world, so maybe I’ll stick with this run.

It will take a lot of work to redo the whole thing. I’m putting it off to get a few more upgrades researched. I don’t know why I thought this would work though. I was working with like 8 full belts of raw material in my previous world. There’s no way to do anything real in Factorio with a single belt.

Luckily I’ve got construction robots so tearing down and rebuilding will be easier. I just want to unlock a couple more things before I begin. . . nah, I shouldn’t wait really.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is the view from one of our villas. It was such a beautiful day when we stopped by that I just had to snap a picture to share.

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