Welcome To 2019


Ugh, not the best way to start 2019. My head is fuzzy and my stomach is queazy. It’s almost noon and things haven’t gotten much better. The morning has whizzed by though, I think it’s mostly been spent in a Factorio stupor.


The base is coming along nicely, I’ve got all kinds of walls and turrets up. I’m running into issues with space and layout though because of my ore patches. I’m not using copper up nearly fast enough to clear the patch. Maybe I should just mine it as quickly as I can and store it in chests. . . .


Yeah, things are coming along nicely. I’ve got blue science automated. Unlocked purple and black science as well. Building exclusively with red belts/splitters although I still have a lot of the old yellow in place. Nice big wall surrounding everything and turrets protecting the base. LONG red belt along the wall with armor piercing ammo. Processing oil, I didn’t realize that was going to be one more thing I had to craft. I have no idea how many items I’ve made manually and there’s no way to tell.

2019 Resolutions

So, I’m not really one for making New Year’s resolutions but after reading the newest post by The Angry GM I feel like I might really try harder this year. Harder at what? Everything, hopefully. I need to get back to exercising, I really want to start doing some kind of game night, and I need to start writing more.

Sure, there’s a lot more I want and need to do better. But you have to start somewhere. Of course, I’m feeling in such a bad way still that I don’t think the exercise will start today. I don’t think my body could handle it right now. Writing, I could do that. I should do that! Why am I not doing that? I need to watch that video about procrastinating, maybe it will help me stop.


First step achieved! I’ve installed the Fitocracy app on my phone. Feel free to check out my profile. I’m level 14, have completed 5 whole quests, and gotten a whopping 4 achievements. If you’re on there, go ahead and friend me or whatever. It’s been about a year and a half since I’ve worked out and it shows.


But first, there’s work to do! Seems the guests next door need a little bit of help. A missing remote control, iron, and some issues figuring out the television. Shouldn’t be too tough to address.

Seems they couldn’t figure out how to change the input on the TV and it was stuck on Media. Got that switched back to HDMI and all was well. Next up was the missing remote, seems someone misplaced the A/C remote for one of the bedrooms. Couldn’t find it, but the remote from the other bedroom works there, so no big troubles. Last was the iron, they just didn’t look hard enough because it was in a box on the top shelf of the laundry room . . .

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is my new Factorio base. So much better and more organized than the sushi. It still has some spaghetti going on, but it’s manageable for now.

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