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Game Day (Sunday)


With nothing scheduled for today, I took a good amount of time to play more Deponia. Stuck through it, solved a bunch of the puzzles, but did get stuck a few times. Seems there’s always something that just isn’t obvious or slightly overlooked. Meh, glad walkthroughs are so easy to find.


Meh, did have to work a little bit. Pool extra low at one villa, so I ran out, started the water. Then went back out an hour later and turned it off. Pretty easy really.


Ugh, last thing I want. The owner of the house is here for a visit, so I’ve got a temporary roommate. Luckily he’ll only be here for less than a week, but that’s just too long in my opinion. Can’t wait till we have a real place to live, just a couple more months, hopefully.

Workweek (Monday)


Back into the shoes of Rufus (and what smelly shoes they are!). Did my best to not cheat and look up solutions, but some things just aren’t obvious. Things in small areas you can click on that you just don’t notice and such. But I love how you can skip minigames, makes things easier when you get stuck. Having a “guest” really does make playing harder.


And then it was time to work. Housekeeper stopped by to drop off her timesheet. Gotta pay the woman. So after getting the money together I headed to drop it off at the villa she was working and checked the leaky pool there again. Let the water run for another hour to top it up until the guests depart. Also added some water to my nemesis. While I was over there I had a talk to the landscaper about an issue I spotted in the irrigation. He’s going to check it out and fix it.


Then of course it was time to get back to accounting. After an hour or so I had employee paychecks entered (semi-correctly) for April. I had to do some finagling to correct for some issues, but going forward I feel I should be able to handle it all correctly. I really did spend a good amount of time on payroll. May is done on that end though, which is great.

I’ve also got all the commissions entered for the rentals. So much of May is now complete, just a little bit more to go. Shouldn’t be too much longer until I’ve got everything flowing. Then I just need to stay on top of it and correct my bad practices for the future.

Town (Tuesday)


Time to head to town again. Got a couple of checks to deposit and need more cash. At least this time don’t be so complicated (I hope). Last time the deposit was easy, and cashing a check made out to myself shouldn’t be a problem.

Luckily, I still have ferry tickets left over from my last trip to the bank. As usual, the ferry trip was uneventful. After that was a quick walk to the bank, then waiting in line. . .

Luckily the bank didn’t take nearly as long as last time. Only just over an hour. Got the two checks deposited and cashed the third. Hopefully this time the cash will last a little longer.

Once that was done I headed over to the pool supply store to get some sodium bicarbonate. Unfortunately they didn’t have any in the shop! So they’ll get it from the warehouse at some point to send on a ferry.

Since the next ferry wasn’t coming for another hour or more I chose to stop for some food. Hit up The Watering Hole, love the place. As usual, the food and drink were on point. Unfortunately, service was too good and I was done with over an hour to spare before the ferry.


Once I was back home on Virgin Gorda it was time to head to the hardware store for painting supplies. They actually had almost everything I needed. After my purchase I dropped it off at the rental that was to be painted then headed back home to relax.

Completion (Wednesday)

Deponia: Journey Complete

Well, I finished the game with breakfast this morning. Again, I used a bunch of help from walkthroughs, but overall I did most of the work. I really enjoyed the game, especially since I got it for free. I must say I am slightly disappointed with the ending, but it made sense why it had to end the way it did. Huh, would you look at that? Seems there’s actually another game the follows, Deponia Doomsday. I’ve added it to my wishlist, but I’m going to wait to get it until it’s really cheap.


Met up with the handyman at one of our long-term rentals. He’s in the process of painting over there. We went over a few things about the painting and other things the house needs. Came home with a few mangoes to eat, yum!


Time to catch up on more accounting. I have an issue though, I wrote a check for something and don’t know exactly what it’s for. I mean, I know, but I don’t know who the debt belongs to, us or a villa. For now I’m assuming the debt until I can get an invoice (that I requested a week ago) from the people the check was to.

And just like that, it’s done. It’s all done! Both of the accounts are reconciled, all the owner statements from October through May are matching. Now I just need to get the next meeting scheduled with the accountant to go over next steps. Pretty sure I know how it’ll be done, but we’ll see.

Game Development

So I finally got back to working on my game. I had kinda put it on the back-burner because I hit some snags and wanted to re-evaluate things. But now I’ve got a bit more zest and am ready to keep going. I think part of my issue was trying to do too much too quickly. I’ll have a post up soon that goes into more details.



So the guests at the villa with the leaky pool wanted to have a late checkout. Gotta postpone my swim there for a short while until they’re gone. I did get my next meeting with the accountant scheduled this morning.


So while killing a little time before my swim I played more Factorio again! I have once again started over, a whole new save. I feel like my last one just wasn’t going where I wanted it, and the lack of any enemies actually bothered me a bit. So, this playthrough isn’t going to be peaceful. I have a few settings tweaked though, it’s actually someone else’s custom map string:



So, once I knew the guests had departed I headed over to the villa. I started with trying to detect the leak again, and I’m pretty sure it’s in or around one of the jets. After that it was time to go for a swim! Took a bunch of pictures with my GoPro. The condition of the paint in that pool is so bad, and it’s only been like a month since it was repainted!

Game Development

I spent a little while banging my head against a wall today while working on IT Ninja. Of course, all that will end up in my next Game Development post. Suffice it to say, I’ll be working on this off and on as time goes on. And just like that, A Ninja Is Born!


Booked my trip back to Atlanta for Dragoncon! I’ll actually be in Atlanta for a couple of weeks. I’ll definitely have some things to deal with while I’m there. I have to meet the book guy again and go to the bank to deposit some cash. Who knows what else will come up.

Pool Day (Friday)


Such a hot day today. Had to add a bunch of water to pretty much every pool today. Never did get the sodium bicarb I ordered. Meh, I’ll bug them again next week. One pool was in not so good shape. Chlorinator was clogged again. After that was cleared I had to give the pool a thorough vacuuming.

Fighting Fires Without Water (Saturday)


Seems at least half the island has no water today. Couldn’t shower at home this morning, so I walked next door to use theirs. Luckily they have a full cistern. After that, I met up with a pool guy to look at a couple issues, including the leaky pool (a couple, actually). Gonna get a quote to redo the entire pool surface.

Had to then check out another villa’s water issues. They have a double-chamber cistern, but recently they were both emptied. One has a couple feet of water, the other about half that. Switched them to using the cistern till the city’s water issue is resolved.

And of course, another villa with water issues. Seems a pipe came loose from their pump. The one that connects to the pressure tank. So even with the pump off, if the valves are open the water just gushes out. Got a plumber scheduled to come look at it asap.

(More) Work

I got to head up to meet with an owner who couldn’t figure out how to work his own stereo. Dude’s father was there and was a complete grouch. Just wouldn’t let me work the issue and instead told me what was what (and was wrong). Got things up and going with no issues after looking it over and then explained a few times how to work it.

Next up was to move a giant bed frame. Had to borrow a truck and cart the thing on end to the drop-off point. Man, that truck was janky! Luckily, it was able to get us there and back. I really wish the roommate had just taken care of that weeks ago when she first set it up. There was no need to leave it for me to deal with. Oh well, it’s done now.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is the ocean view from one of our villas. There’s just something about the calm serenity of the ocean. I love the way the rocks give way to a beautiful ocean vista.

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