Working Week



Usual Monday stuff with a bit more mixed in. Got the housekeeper working, checked on a pool, did a house walkthrough. . . Normal day, nothing special. It was a holiday so there wasn’t much more I could do.


More streaming, this time I was decorating more than building functional stuff in the world.



Getting shit done! First it was a run to pickup rent. Then I stopped by a cell provider and paid a bill, which got the credit card machine working again even though the bill wasn’t due. While I was there I finally got a replacement phone, so needed. Then I made a stop by to check on my nemesis. Finally, I ran a few credit cards that were waiting. . .


More Minecraft, as expected. Was a pretty decent stream too, many viewers. Well, many might be an overstatement. . . there were four viewers, all active at once.



Pools, there’s always pools to clean. I started with my nemesis, which seriously needed it. Then I moved on to the easy pool, which was surprisingly in bad shape. The pool was seriously cloudy. Not much I could actually do to fix that. The chlorinator wasn’t working either. Needed a serious clean. It was clogged with . . . something. . . not sure exactly what, salt or calcium. Took quite a while to get it back working.


There was an update to the modpack I’ve been playing, so today’s stream was a lot of checking out changes and fixing things that broke.



Time for another trip to the bank. Things were a bit different this time around. They missed collecting my fare on the boat trip to town. The place felt empty walking around. The bank was fairly quick but the liquor store I usually stop at was closed. Overall, a decent and quick trip to town.


In the stream today I began working with new stuff added in the update. Unfortunately I ran into a bug that totally killed my idea. Spent a while working it through and submitted a bug report to the mod author.

Pool Day (Friday)


A bit lighter than usual today. I started with my nemesis, which wasn’t too bad. Then I headed on to the easy pool. I had to clean the junction screen again! I just did it Wednesday. . . Gotta get a new filter cartridge for that pool. Then I hit up the new pool, there wasn’t any power though. Finally, I made a stop at a pool I don’t service. Had to talk to the guy who takes care of it about a leak. The rest of the pools are waiting until the guests vacate tomorrow.


Running into more issues cause by the update for Create. I spent a while building a thing that just wouldn’t work where I built it. Oh well, I’ll have to keep trying! It is fun, and I still have so much I want to do in that world. I should look at the achievements again, maybe whip one or two out.



Lots to enter today. . . took a bit longer than usual. There were many credit card payments this week. That was actually the majority of what I had waiting. Got everything caught up as per usual though.


Much later in the day I had to leave to close up a couple houses. For some reason the intern decided to allow a late checkout for BOTH sets of guests today. I guess she really didn’t bother to think about what that means for me. Not that it’s a big deal, just would have been nice if I could have dealt with it earlier in the day.



With it being my day off, I started streaming early in the day. After nearly seven hours, I stopped for dinner. Got a lot accomplished. Had at least one new viewer, although they didn’t stick around all that long.

Featured Image

Have I showed you my rainbow recently? Well today’s featured image is a rainbow from a couple years ago.

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