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What Did I Accomplish This Week?

This week I finally unlocked Saturn in Warframe! I spent a good long while working nearly everyday, especially on pool day.

Back to Work (Monday)


Oh boy, the intern brought her dog to work today because the housekeepers are cleaning her place. Of course, this means now we have two dogs going nuts over here. And the intern’s dog is super barky. They were very fun to watch playing together outside though.


We finally continued progression a little bit on Europa. The missions really are starting to get harder. The Vapor Specter was really helpful in getting through the interception mission that was holding us back. Hopefully soon we’ll have Saturn unlocked so we can get the nano spores I so desperately want.



Started extra early today. Ran out to a vacated villa in search of free goodies but the guests left nothing behind. After that was running a housekeeper around, turning on water at a couple places, moving furniture, and checking the water at another house. I’m still waiting to hear from a couple electricians for a couple different things.

I had to do even more running around. Went to the government building to drop some payments. I’m really shocked that the building is still in such bad a shape. I tried to get water, but the two machines I checked weren’t in service. Stopped by both houses from earlier with the water. One was good, so I turned it off, the other needs another couple hours. Still nothing back from either electrician.

Finally had one electrician show up, turns out the problem with the hot water was a breaker I didn’t know about. That was a relief. The other electrician showed up while I was eating dinner, but he got the pump hooked up no problem. Of course, power died right around then. And when it came back (past my usual workday) there were issues with water at my nemesis.

Seems the power outage caused some issues that we had to get the power company to fix. There just wasn’t reliable enough power to run any of the pumps. He opened up the meter, did some cleaning and stuff, and all was good.



As always, my day start with transporting a housekeeper. Had to run and get gas before the real work began. Once I was fueled up I refilled two of our 5gal water containers. Then it was off to the leaky pool for some good cleaning. Both pools were pretty nasty from the wind blowing stuff around, but the previous guests also tracked a lot of sand in.

After all that was done I checked on the water from last night. Turns out everything’s okay, and it was okay when I left last night. I didn’t realize that the faucet I checked pressure on always appeared to have low flow. Had I checked anywhere else I would have known it was good.

Then it was off to next door, our old house. Primed the edge pump and got the waterfall going again! The pool is now finally back in proper shape. Even the nasty green is gone, hopefully all is well in there. Then came a call about a leaking toilet, so I had to run out and replace the fill valve.


And of course, it’s time for payroll. With it being a new year I’ve redone all our payroll spreadsheets to make them work better. Of course, that comes with its own kinks, so I had to modify and correct things before I could do payroll. Then I had to actually get the numbers in, count out all the cash . . . Still have to enter the employees hours in QuickBooks, although I’m caught up on entering spending.



Not a whole lot on the docket today. We have an early morning check in, but I’m not involved in that. Got all the payroll done, finally. And I think my forms are good. We did go by our old house to do some looking around to get it ready for the owner’s visit next week. There’s still so much to do before the first real renters arrive next month.

Pool Day (Friday)


Another Friday means time for pools. The day started a little earlier than normal by running supplies to one of our housekeepers. Once I was done there went to the first pool. Usually it’s pretty easy but today it was a mess, I had to vacuum the whole thing. The wind last week has blown stuff into all the pools.

This house tends to have a flow issue every few weeks so I had to clean the union screen. Decided while I was at it I’d spray down the filter, which added more time to the service. I also flipped a breaker and hopefully fixed an issue with hot water at the house.

Next up was the new pool. This one was pretty easy, although there was a decent amount of sand and sediment. Gave it a good brushing and vacuumed all over. When I was finished I got held up leaving. Next door they’re building a new house and they were blocking the road with some big machinery.

More Pools

Once I was outa there I did a quick lunch and continued with my day. Hit up the amazing house. There was the usual crap, the crap blown in from the wind, and there was also even more thrown in by the yard guy! Another long service, vacuumed the whole thing, pulled a couple pounds of yard waste with the skimmer and another couple pounds from inside the pump. Figured while I was at it, the filter needed a cleaning too.

Then came my nemesis. So many leaves in that pool I had to empty the pump basket twice during the vacuum. Other than that it wasn’t so bad though. Just a ton of leaves all over the bottom. Didn’t do much scrubbing this time since there’s no guests for a couple weeks, but I did add a bunch more chlorine.

And last on my route was our old house. The pool there’s in decent shape, not a ton of debris in the pool luckily. Still had some green on the sides of the pool so I gave it a thorough vacuum and an extra-good scrub. When I was done the clear water was green and cloudy and I had jacked the chlorine up to compensate.

Still Working (Saturday)


Not quite the usual amount of work today, but there was still work. I checked on our housekeepers, took the trash for one, and met a cute little kitty. Seems the guests at one house found a stray they’re feeding. It was a very sweet cat. Wish I could take it home and make it mine.

Had a plumbing problem at another house. Got the plumber out there to look at it and it was much worse than I expected. Some kind of blockage in the septic or something. Took the guy all day to clear it. Luckily he was able to get it done.


We did it! All the work has paid off and we’ve finally unlocked Saturn Junction on Europa. That quest from Cephalon Simaris was a pain but we worked through it to success. I somehow managed to unlock Trinity Prime too, must have been from linking my Twitch account with Warframe or something.

Day Off (Sunday)


Spent the morning playing Minecraft with my friend back in Atlanta. We spent a good long time trying to build an automated honey farm that also incorporated crops. Took a few iterations to get things working the way I’d like, but I finally got a design planned. Not as compact as I was hoping, so I can only fit two hives in the area I was hoping. Next step is going to be building on a larger scale.


In the afternoon we had a guest, the boat captain, come over to hang out. Just a good while sitting and chatting. Poor woman has a lost kitty. Luckily we were able to keep her mind off the cat for a little while. I do hope she can find him, but he’s been gone for a couple weeks now so things aren’t looking good.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is another island. From my porch I get a glimpse of the water with its boats and the island beyond with its houses.

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