Wind Week Woes

What Did I Accomplish This Week?

This week I’ve been battling the wind. No serious casualties, so that’s good. I’ve begun work on a “secret project” in Minecraft.



So much to do, started early. First it was the usual of running the housekeepers around. Then off to the leaky pool to deal with adding water. There’s still a leak, part of the concrete is cracked. After that it was to our old house to begin work on fixing the bottom part of the pool. There’s this little waterfall thing that has a broken pump. I have to drain the basin, get it cleaned, and get a new pump installed.

Then went off to the amazing house to get some measurements for weather stripping the big doors. Spent a while researching what I needed for them. I have a good idea now, but I need to run out and check other houses to see what’s there.



Oopsie! So I totally forgot to turn the water off yesterday at our old house when I was done working on the lower pool section. Ran out early this morning when I realized what I’d done. Luckily someone else was there and turned it off. I was quite relieved it didn’t end up running all night.

While I was there I threw a hose section I had acquired into it to siphon the water out. Gonna take a while. Then it was off to the races to transport a housekeeper. Once more to my nemesis to check with the handyman. Finally back to the old house to check on the siphon. Whew, busy morning.



Another fun-filled work day. Started off with the usual early pickup for a housekeeper. Then it was off with the handyman to get stuff from customs. After dropping it off I touched up my nemesis for the guest arrival today. While I was there I put the hose on the add some water. And when I was done I totally spaced and forgot to turn it off . . . Got a little extra full so I had to drain a bit.

Other than that, I dropped the housekeeper off when she was done. Did a bit of shopping and couldn’t find everything I needed (a half horsepower pool pump). But overall the day wasn’t exceptionally busy, which is nice.

Slow Day (Thursday)


A bit of a slow day today. The intern is off today. Today I mostly made the handyman do a bunch of little things. I did run out and check a villa that was just vacated, got me some rum and other goodies. I ordered a new pool pump for our old house. Other than that, it has been a pretty easy day.


The weather has been forecast to be annoying over the next few days. Tons of wind again. This evening it managed to kill the power for a while. Luckily it didn’t stay off too long. Overnight the winds kept me up, and at one point a gust was so strong that it popped the screen off one window. That sucked, waking up (although I really wasn’t sleeping too well) to my curtains blasting out of my window.

Pool Day (Friday)


Started off with the usual housekeeper pickup. Why am I the one stuck doing this? I always have to use the roommates car, so why doesn’t she do it? Anyway, pools weren’t too bad today. The wind has blown a lot of trash into pools, which means extra vacuuming. Oh well, that’s life!

Yesterday I ordered a replacement pump for the waterfall thingie at our old house. Came on an earlier boat today than expected. Got a call that it was waiting for me at the dock so I ran over and picked it up. After I dropped it off I called the plumber to get it installed.

Half Day (Saturday)

Wind (Again)

Ugh, this wind! Another shutter broke free overnight. It was on my window too, so I was out in the rain (it wasn’t coming down too hard) trying to secure the shutter at 1am. Needless to say I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep. Never really got back to sleep after that, tossed and turned all night.


It was a short work day today. Not a lot on the schedule, just some housekeepers doing work. As usual, I was the one to transport them. I was also the one to run out and help them figure out which button to press on the dishwasher. Luckily things weren’t so bad.


Been playing a bit more Minecraft lately. I’m working on a “secret project” that I’m hiding from my friend. I’m not exactly sure how to describe it, so I won’t. I will say that hopefully it’ll help spur my creativity. We spent a few hours playing, me doing my thing, him doing his . . . whatever. Not really sure what he’s been doing, maybe he has his own secret project.

Off Day (Sunday)


With the day off I was able to spend most of my time playing games. Lots more time spent in Minecraft on my “secret project”. Most of which was gathering supplies. Concrete is a pain to get, especially when lag causes it to take longer than it should.

After that we tried a game of Catan, but it bugged out mid-turn and we couldn’t continue, so we jumped into Warframe. Things really start to get harder once you’ve progressed past Jupiter. I’m sure we’re doing something wrong when it comes to loadouts or something. My companion gets downed constantly, and I tend to get downed fairly regularly against level twenty enemies.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is a lazy one. I felt like the ocean looked nice from this view so snapped a couple shots. I didn’t really have anything better to use for this post, so here it is.

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