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Back to Work (Monday)


Let’s see, I started off the day cleaning my nemesis one last time before the guests arrive today. It was in surprisingly good condition and didn’t need a lot of work. I’m REALLY hopeful it will stay that way while the guests are here. Then I spent the rest of the morning doing stuff at that house preparing for the guests. It was early afternoon by the time I was done there and ready to head on to the rest of my work. Ended up checking out one of my usual Monday houses, going grocery shopping, then meeting with the housekeeper to deal with her paycheck. I also had to prepare next week’s schedule, and help some old people with an email problem.

It was a very frustrating day and I felt like I kept getting pulled in every direction at the same time. It didn’t help that I was still in a funk from the crappy weekend. I also had a shitload of stuff on my to do list that I didn’t do because of everything that came up. Oh yeah, then there’s the fact that I didn’t eat lunch. There’s always tomorrow, right? Oh, but wait there’s more . . . Because as I’m typing this I’m interrupted by a home owner asking me questions.



Well, I tried. Was headed to pay bills but the parking lot at the electric company office was full. Went to the hardware store, but there was a line of people waiting to get inside. That was enough to kill any sense of motivation for the day. I still did get a couple things done. Dropped off one check, reached out to the local ISP to pay the bill, even went by the old place to look around. Oh, and I dealt with the paycheck for my handyman.

Then, at dinner time, of course, I had to go meet the plumber at the house on the hill again about water pressure. Got to spend an hour there doing absolutely nothing. Was so hungry when I left. Oh well, I guess that’s the job.



Man, I got it done today, I’m killing it! I started by checking on my nemesis and all was well. Then I paid two of the three bills, third wasn’t available as expected. I got the roommate’s work permit renewal submitted. Hit up the insurance place and took care of renewing the car’s stuff, gotta get the handyman to deal with the registration on Friday. It ain’t even lunch time and I’m done for the day, it’s so nice.

Wouldn’t you know it, the damn plumber showed up without the shower heads. Said he thoought I was gonna get them. Hell no! The home owner messaged me earlier in the day and asked “Just to clarify. (The plumber) is going to pick up all of the parts?” which sounds to me like we were all on the same page, right? Oh well. . . .



Got the employees working away at an empty house. Just the usual monthly cleanup. Can’t just let a house sit empty forever without doing any work there. Helps us earn money, helps the employees earn money, and keeps big problems from surprising you as easily. Then I went in search of water. Stopped at three water machines and none of them were working! Then I hit up the hardware store and bought three shower heads.


Man, what is it with the grocery stores recently? Coffee is nearly impossible to find. I ended up having to buy some sort of premium coffee from Puerto Rico, the packaging was all in Spanish. I just hope it’s not decaf or something weird. It’s not just coffee either. The stores on the island haven’t been very well stocked on a lot of things for the past few weeks.

Pool Day (Friday)


Not such a bad pool day today. I started with the old place, just gave it a look over and checked the levels. Then I hit up my nemesis, gave it a good cleaning. It really wasn’t too bad. I think having people use the pool helps keep it in better shape because they’re likely to remove leaves. When I was done there I went back to the old place and actually vacuumed the pool. After that was the easy pool, just a quick level check and balance. Once I was done there I ran up to the new pool. It didn’t really require anything, I just checked levels and got stuck talking to the owner for a bit.

I made a quick stop to pick up lunch then stopped by another house to make sure it was closed up well. Ate my lunch at the leaky pool while adding some water. I put off doing much more than balancing this week because we have a mid-week arrival next week and I’ll have to touch them up. Instead I’ll be doing a thorough clean there at that time. Once I was done



So, I caught up on accounting today. It really wasn’t tooo bad, even though I had two weeks’ worth to enter. I just wish putting off last week’s accounting for my birthday had a better outcome. I was done with entry in less than an hour, even with being bombarded by more work the whole time. Only thing I haven’t entered too date is the employee hours and paychecks.


Plumbing problems persist at the house on the hill. Plumber was supposed to be there first thing but I had to reach out too him. The owner is leaving for another island late this morning, and he’s going to want me too babysit the plumber if he’s not done by the time he leaves. And, of course I had to go. Spent a good three hours up there helping the plumber out. Oh, then my housekeeper called and wanted to do some of Monday’s work tomorrow instead. Because of that I had to get the handyman to do some of his work today instead.



And wouldn’t you know it. . . The housekeeper forgot to bring her keys with her, and the handyman has mine. I had to send the poor guy around to unlock the place for her. What a pain in the ass for my day off. . .

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This week’s featured image is a throwback to just before the initial COVID lockdown. I can’t help it, but I just love water. . .

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