February Closing

Back to Work (Monday)


Is it really back to work if I worked on Sunday? I mean, sure it wasn’t a lot of work, but it was still work! Seems to be a theme for February. Anyway, enough of that. There wasn’t a ton of work today, but there was enough. I went to check on the housekeeper, when I arrived the power at the house was out (it was working mere moments before). The generator didn’t kick in, so I had to get someone out to fix it. Course, power was back by the time he was done. Then the internet down there stopped working. Nothing I could do but reach out to the ISP. Needless to say, I never heard anything back. I did my usual Monday rounds too. Had to check in on one house, had to drop a couple things off at another.


You know, this site is as much for me as it is for you, whoever you might be. . .


Partial pool day today. I started out at the old place, gave it a good scrub. Made sure the balance was okay. Gotta be in good shape for the coming guests. They’re supposed to be a big deal, I guess. Next up was the leaky pool. Topped up both pools there and did a damned detailed job. I vacuumed and scrubbed both those pools everywhere. Checked the chemicals and adjusted as necessary. Man, this sure is a prestigious life I got here, eh?

Then it was a bunch of little things. Went back to the old place, plugged in a pump. Dropped off a check, got lunch! Finally, the water machine is working again. It’s been like a week since I’ve been able to fill my jugs. Had to run back down to the old place, talk to the housekeeper. She’s hating how work is working. I told her I hate how it’s working too. We’re just doing what we can to survive in these unprecedented times. I had to spend a bunch of mental energy there, then dealing with next week’s schedule, and a small change for this week . . . It’s draining.



Kinda a weirdish workday. Still internet issues where we have guests. I had to run them a cellular modem. Then my internet went out, probably due to the work too fix the other issues. I ran out to pay what water bills were available. Then the intern messaged me about an issue at the old place, so I ran down to check it out. Except, the road was blocked and there was no getting through. So I went home and ate some lunch, then tried again later.


Local ISP had been working on a fiber internet issue in the area. It hasn’t been affecting me, but as they were working on the problem my internet became unstable. Eventually it was good again until right around 5pm when it went out completely. Of course the ISP is closed, so no internet all night. . .

Bank Day (Thursday)


The bank was a surprisingly quick stop. Only a few people in line when I got there and no trouble at the teller. It was a good thing too because I had a few other stops planned. Made a stop for some good rum. Hit up a local electronics store in the hopes of getting a fan in my laptop replaced but they don’t have the parts. Didn’t have anything else I wanted to buy either . . . I did stop by a souvenir shop for the hell of it. And even with all that, I still made the last morning ferry home!


On my way home from the ferry I saw the guy working on the internet still. He was climbing one of the polls. No idea why he keep climbing all the poles, shouldn’t they already have an idea of where the problem is? Either way, it’s okay because I had internet when I got back! I’m really hoping I don’t lose it again.


It wasn’t too long after I got home that I received a call from my housekeeper. Guests were complaining about a couple lights that were out and a hot water issue in a shower. I replaced the bulbs and hope I helped with the hot water issue. Won’t really know for sure, but I did what I could.

Pool Day (Friday)


An extremely light pool day today! I only have the new pool, the easy pool, and my nemesis to work on. I started with my nemesis. It wasn’t so bad. I gave the pool a standard vacuum and scrub. Threw in some chlorine and all was good. I moved on to the easy pool, not so easy today. Had to add water, balance, and clean the junction screen. I really need to replace that filter. Lastly was the new pool, it was a piece of cake. Just a simple balance and a bit of a scrub.

Game Development

Well, I did it, I finally jumped back into game development. I am restarting a game that I accidentally broke by moving a file instead of copying it. So disappointed in myself. But, I’m starting over, with a different approach. It’s not just the fact that I’ll be doing it in a beta version of Unity 2021 or that I’ll be trying to use visual scripting. No, I’m actually starting in a different manner than before. I have a much better understanding of game making and development now. So I want to try something different.



Once again, accounting time! We’re pretty close to month-end for February so there’s a lot to do! Of course, I’m not gonna do it all today . . . No. . . I entered all the expenses and checks and guest payments and such that I had piled up. But there’s still so much more that can be entered. Maybe I should just do more now?

Alright, you convinced me, I did a little bit of the month-end stuff as well. Not as much as I can, but some. I entered the pool service stuff, since there’s no more of that happening this month. I also entered the cleaning supply expenses, which there wasn’t much of. Pretty sure I’ve entered everything for a couple other categories but I’m going to wait until another time to check them off my list just in case I missed something.

Game Development

I’ve done it again! I’ve continued the work I started yesterday. I actually made a thing happen too! Like, a little bit. I’ve got volume controls with settings that carry over between sessions. Oh, and an options screen that comes and goes. It’s not much, for now. But I already know where I’m going with this, because I’ve been there before! I think with my new approach I won’t get stuck in the same spot.


Game Development

I have once again continued working on a game. Same game as before. Spent an hour or two working on it. Pretty much have the opening menu working the way I want it. So much more to do, but the new approach is really making things easier. Right now it’s not pretty but it’s functional. I do need to add sound effects to the menu though.


So, my neighbor messaged me last night at like 9pm asking if it was okay to drop off rent. . . Yes, Saturday night at 9pm . . . I ignored the message and didn’t respond. So what does he do? Show up without any warning the following evening. . . Yep, at least it wasn’t 9pm, but it’s fucking Sunday and I was in the middle of playing games with my friends! Luckily, the dog went nuts and gave me the golden opportunity to not have to socialize with him.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is a throwback to two years ago. Just a lone sailboat out on the water. There’s just something serene about the way this photo turned out.

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