2021: A New Year

Boxing Day Observed (Monday)

Back to Work (Sorta)

A small amount of work for this holiday. Technically, it’s not even a holiday, it’s the day off for the holiday falling on a weekend. But I went out and did my rounds. Well, only one house I can check on, as the other Monday house is occupied. I did grab trash from one of our houses. And I also stopped by a few more for a quick peek.



Made some more rounds this morning. Checked on a house without power (it had power when I went by) and a house with hot water issues (fixed it easy, I hope). Then I ran to pay some bills. Two out of three isn’t bad, right? Course, the third bill is way over due because they didn’t have it last month either. I also stopped and picked up more stuff for work permit renewals (not mine).



Started early today. I started it with payroll. Just a little easy bit of printing out a paystub. Then the intern contacted me about the internet issues that I was already working on yesterday. Not a whole lot I can do when the ISP is unresponsive. Course, those guests also have a dead Christmas tree they want gone. Would have been nice if they had the handyman take it yesterday when he was there. Instead, now we send him on a special trip just for that tree.

I went out early, stopped by the house on the hill. Had to change the TVs input because someone switched to the Netflix app. Oh well. I stopped by the old house to check on the cell/internet situation there, still no service. Then I stopped by a freight consolidator looking for a shipment, but no one there could help me at the time.


Once that was done I made a stop at one of the grocery stores. I was so happy to find they had recently restocked. I picked up deodorant, coffee, milk, etc. So many little things I was in need of. It’s nice to see them actually getting a shipment.

New Year’s Eve (Thursday)


Wow, the service outage at my old house is still a problem. I had to run down there to give the guests access to the house next door so they can get connected. Luckily, I was already planning to be down there because I’m doing pools a day early. Don’t wanna have to do them tomorrow.


So, I started at the old house, quick little touch-up. Then showed the guests next door. Once we were done with that I went about cleaning my nemesis. I did more than I wanted to, but it needed it. After that was the easy pool. Not much happening there because the pump is being replaced.

2021 (Friday)


Can’t say I’m too surprised, but the curfew is still in effect. At least another two weeks of this thing. Again, the curfew doesn’t affect me at all but I still think it is the dumbest thing ever.


Even though it’s a holiday, a new year, and I planned on doing nothing today, I changed my mind and did a little bit of accounting and also made a quick run to check on a couple houses. I wanted to see the cell service situation down at the old house and there was no change. Then I stopped in to check on the new pool pump at another house and everything’s good there.

Once that was done I spent a few minutes on accounting. Got about halfway done with my monthly checklist. Just entered a few checks, a couple cash receipts and the credit card charges for December. There’s still the big things to do, but they won’t be too bad tomorrow. Now the rest of my day is free!

Game Development

Streamed on Twitch for a few hours. Restarted the streamable party game in Unity 2021. Actually had a viewer for a while too, kid from India. Gotta make myself do this every day. I’ve already gotten farther on this new project than the last iteration. Just gotta keep going!

More Work

Totally forgot one group of guests were checking out today. Got a message from the intern that they were gone. Ran up to the house, gave it a walkthrough, and locked it up tight. All’s well on new years day! That is, until the other guests want help too. . . Something with the washing machine. . . Turns out I had to unplug it and plug it back in.

Then, of course, more things come and pop up. Hot water is out at the old house. That pump room is a total mess. No working light, flooded floor, rusty plumbing. . . Nothing I could do to fix the problem. Gonna have to get a plumber out there to assess the situation, tomorrow.



Started out the day by calling the plumber. He says the issue seems more electrical, so then I reached out to another guy. He didn’t answer though, so I left him a voicemail and sent a WhatsApp message. Then it was time to dive into accounting!


Gotta get all the month-end stuff done today. I started off easy by dealing with the three sets of guests we had in December. Made sure they were all entered, along with payments, then put in our commissions and credit card fees. The hard part was employee hours and paychecks. Took a good little while entering all that, then I had to go back through and double-check it was correct. Didn’t quite finish though, took a break before I did the last steps of reconciling the accounts.

More Work

Of course, the “break” was just more work. Headed down to the old house to check on the housekeeper and water. The tank had warmish water in it, so something’s working. Called the plumber back and he’s gonna go look at it since I can’t get ahold of the electrician. I opened up the rest of the house next door so the guests can go use it since it has internet and their rental doesn’t.

More Accounting

Finished the rest of the month-end stuff. Wasn’t too bad, but it took a bit of time. Hopefully everything’s right so I can get started on year-end crap. I still have to wait for the roommate to go through it all and double-check.



The guests contacted me, thought cell service was working again. Went down there to check it out and no, it wasn’t working. Short trip, not a lot of time wasted.

Game Development

Dove back in again today. I’ve gotten farther in the design of the game. New viewer to talk to today. Didn’t stick around too long but did help me test a little bit. So much more to do before it is anything playable.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is a throwback to new years 2019! This was a photo of the first sunrise on January 1, 2019. Who would have guessed this is what life would be like now compared to then?

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