Christmas Comes

Back to Work (Monday)


The handyman appeared at my house before I was ready to leave. He came by to pick up the pressure washer and discuss this week’s work. I sent him on his way, then headed out myself. First, I stopped by one house to take pictures of furniture. Then, I stopped by the place the handyman was working to send a short video to the owner. Last, I hit up another house for a walkthrough.


Then it was time to do a little grocery shopping. I wasn’t able to find everything I want, but I did get some things. I actually bought tomatoes! I’m going to have to try my tomato soup recipe again. This time with more tomatoes. I did get some flavored creamer, as well as more chips.


I did something today that I’m not good at, I cleaned. Not only did I clean, I did some thorough cleaning. I swept the hall and kitchen, re-organized and cleaned a cupboard, wiped down the counters, and even mopped the kitchen floor! Actually, it all started in the bathroom. I cleaned the toilet and the sink there first. I think I might try to do some cleaning everyday. I’m sick of this place being messy.

Game Development

I jumped back on Twitch and kept working on the project. It’s slow going, because I’m converting a custom library to work in Bolt. I’ve actually hit a bit of a road block. Something that’s very simple to do in code isn’t so easy to do in blocks. I have a feeling a lot of the Twitch integration (or maybe all of it) will be done via script, and I’ll make super units to call those functions as needed.


I made tomato soup again tonight, following the recipe I wrote out the last time. Got me a picture this time. It should be good enough, now I just need to make a few final changes. Set SEO stuff, you know. . . Then it’ll be ready to publish. So maybe the next time I make it (week or two?) I’ll actually have something to show you.



Another trip to the bank. Gotta get a ton of cash to cover employee year-end paychecks. No one has used any vacation time, so it has to be paid out, plus Christmas bonus. All that on top of the actual wages for hours worked. Way more money than we have on hand currently. I didn’t get lucky like the last time, wasn’t able to make the 10.40a boat. Things did go surprisingly well at the bank though, no trouble like there usually is.

Missing the earlier ferry did have one advantage. It gave me time to stop by the electronic store. I picked up another, hopefully better, set of headphones. Won’t really know until later if they’re any good. But I did still have to wait around nearly an hour for the ferry.



Ugh, got a call from the only guests here, a couple things they’d like taken care of. One being a giant ladder propped against the house. Turns out, my handyman forgot to put it away when he was done with it. . . Did he even do what he was supposed to? I’ll find out when I go move that heavy ass ladder back.

Did a stop by the house, moved that damned heavy ladder back to where it belongs (mostly). The handyman did everything else, just missed the ladder when he was rushed out. I took care of a couple other things the guests wanted, and scheduled the last issue to be addressed early next week.

Pool Day (Thursday)


Just another early pool day. Don’t want to clean pools on Christmas, so pools on a Thursday. They were pretty much as usual, mostly easy except my nemesis. I did take my time too, made sure to do a decent job at all the houses.

Christmas (Friday)

Merry Christmas

Not a whole lot to say about today. I spent the whole day relaxing. Watched a movie, some tv shows, played video games. You know, the usual relaxation stuff. Not a whole lot of Christmas to my Christmas.

Boxing Day (Saturday)


Even though it’s a holiday I’m still working today. Got an arrival so I have to head up to the house early-ish to give it a last once-over before they check in. Course, I drove up there and a rental car was already in the driveway. I assume the guests just arrived really early and the intern has them taken care of. I just went about my day and worked on accounting. Got caught up with the stuff that was waiting as well as getting started on some of the month-end stuff.

Then, once I was done with the accounting, the intern called. Turns out the car I saw was the housekeeper doing last minute touch-up. The intern wanted my help with a window winder so I headed up and tightened it. While I was there she and I caught up on some stuff. Once that was done I messaged the employees with their schedules for next week.

Game Development

Took a bit of time to work on my Twitch game again. Still no viewers, but I did get something done. Sort of. . . I’m working on an in-game display of the chat coming from Twitch. I was hoping to have a nice history of things, scrollable, automatically scrolling, etc. I’ve got that partially working, which I guess is enough for now.



Just a Sunday off. Spent all day watching TV and movies with a bit of video games mixed in. Not much to say, needed to destress a bit. Didn’t work as well as I was hoping though.

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This week’s featured image is an interesting one from two years ago.

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