Accounting Anxiety


This morning I had to run a housekeeper over to a villa. On the way I stopped to buy a hammer. The guest there wants to do some work on the place (?) so asked we bring him one. It’s his vacation, who am I to say what he does for fun?


I spent a bit of time today adding more data into QuickBooks. I think the session with the accountant is still affecting me, I felt anxiety at the thought of the work beforehand. It really wasn’t all that bad once I started, but I just had a hard time getting going. Still a lot more to do though.


So there’s already another update for the experimental build. Unfortunately, it didn’t make much difference to the issue I’m having. I did some looking and it seems like the problem is unique to me. I went through some suggestions, like uninstalling and reinstalling, and nothing has changed. According to the devs on the forums it should be fixed in the next iteration.

Another Update

The devs have now released 0.17.2 and I was really hoping they’d fixed my issue. I installed it and checked it out but the problem persists. I guess my issue is different than the one others have reported or maybe the fix isn’t quite right yet. I’m really hoping it works eventually, though I really do need a new laptop.


So I got some more sodium bicarbonate ordered. They actually have it this week. Hopefully it’ll come on the ferry soon, but at this point I’m waiting for their call. I did scrub our pool again today. Every inch of this pool was brushed, some inches were brushed more than once. It is still pretty cloudy and green but I think it’s getting better.

I have a feeling what’s in the pool is the chlorine resistant mustard algae. I did some research, and I think I need to add some algaecide to our pool. At the very least it should work in conjunction with the chlorine and clear the pool quicker. And if it is mustard algae, this is likely the only way to clear the pool.

Stardew Valley

Another couple days gone by. My grange display won first place for the second year in a row at the Stardew Valley Fair. I brought all kinds of great stuff, a diamond, some iridium quality goods, fish, fruit, veggies, and even artisan goods.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is of a small sailboat at sea. I just love the way it looks with the empty background. It’s just out there all by itself sailing away.

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