Fixed Factorio


Huzzah! Factorio works! Seems I needed to update my 8 year old graphics drivers to the more recent 4 year old drivers. Of course, automatic updating didn’t have anything for me. And the laptop manufacturer only has the drivers I had installed. So I had to spend some time finding the right ones. Now that they’re installed, the game works!


Since it’s working now, I’m playing a bit. Not like before though. Only after a long day’s work. Because of that, I’m obviously not very far in. This playthrough I’m on peaceful. No pollution, no evolution, and big ore patches. I will find a way to make a good train megabase!


Got a message this morning that the sodium bicarbonate I ordered was being sent over on the 9a ferry. I headed out to the dock and met the ferry there. Turns out the first ferry I saw was the wrong one, but a few minutes later the right one came in.

Our Pool

I gave our pool another thorough scrub after lunch today. It’s getting better, still not great, but for me it’s noticeably improving. Tomorrow I’ll give it a good vacuum and add more chemicals. That should help a lot too.


I was feeling a little anxious about doing more accounting, but not nearly as bad. Once I got into it though, things went really swimmingly. Didn’t spend a whole lot of time doing it, but definitely put a dent in the work. There’s still a good amount of catching up to do.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is the ocean in the morning. I find the way the sunlight reflects of the surface to be captivating. This picture was taken from the kitchen table.

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