Factorio Funk


The “intern” started today. She’s basically training to do what the roommate is doing. That way the roommate can take off in the summer and things will still run. We all ran off to one villa that guests departed from. Picked up some bouldering mats. Then brought those over to another villa which was vacated.

While there I had to move the heaviest mattresses into the smallest bunk beds. But we dropped off the bouldering pads and picked up some portable mattresses. Then it was back to the first villa again to drop off those mattresses and pick up more bouldering pads to bring home.

My Nemesis

After that was all done (and a quick lunch) I headed out to pick up some chemicals (chlorine tabs and shock). Once that was acquired it was time to take on my nemesis. The pool actually wasn’t in too bad a shape. I scrubbed every inch of it. Vacuumed the crap out of it too. Added some shock, chlorine tabs, and chlorine granules.

I really hate the way that the landscaping is always ending up in the pool. I’ll skim it and it looks fine. Then do something else like scrub it, and by the time I’m done, there’s more leaves or flowers floating in it. So I’ll skim it again, then go vacuum it. Once I’m done vacuuming, I gotta skim it again cause there’s more crap floating in the pool!

Our Pool

Once my nemesis was dealt with for the day, I took a little break to rehydrate and cool off. Then it was time to attack our pool. Shocked it and added a couple chlorine tabs, then went to work scrubbing and vacuuming. The thing is still green, but it’s getting better. I just have to keep on top of it.


So the new update finally hit. It’s experimental, of course. And, it doesn’t work properly on this old laptop. I’m so very sad. Maybe I just need to dick with the options? I’ve tried defaults and lowered graphics settings and it hasn’t helped. It’s possible there will be an update that will help or something. But really I need new hardware.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is a screenshot from the new Factorio build. Just had to share with someone what it looks like. It’s just horrible and unplayable and I really hope it works again someday.

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