Another Couple of Days



Of course, once again I found time for Factorio while eating breakfast. Today I’ve automated (with bots) assembly of tier three speed and production modules. Now I just have to wait forever to get enough blue circuits to start installing them in my machines. Once I got that going I spent the rest of the time I played improving my green circuit bottleneck. I just can’t produce enough of them!


Guests leaving one villa, new guests arriving for that same villa. I spent a good long while fighting with my nemesis in preparation for the arrival. Luckily, even though there was a long power outage today, that villa has a generator, so the pumps were still running. Once that was all nice and shiny I headed off to check another pool that had a bad week, gave it a bit of a scrub.


After that was all done, there was still no power, so I took a little trip down to the shore to take some photos. Not sure how they turned out, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be using a few for featured images in the next few posts. I hope you enjoy!



Spent a good deal of time playing with spaghetti during breakfast. optimizing raw ores all coming in together is a pain. I’ve also been trying to increase my blue circuit throughput by increasing/optimizing the lower tier materials it uses. Seems no matter what I do I can’t make them any faster.


So much running around today. First I dropped off a housekeeper. Then later ran next door to address an internet issue. Seems the power adapter for the modem is bad, so I gave them ours. Then I ran laundry to the housekeeper. After that was a trip to flow for a replacement adapter. Then to Yates for some pool supplies.

Once I got back home, I found that the adapter they gave me was also bad. Then the housekeeper needed a ride again. Tried to go back to flow, but they were closed. Luckily I had an adapter that will work, but I’d like to get this bad one replaced.


And of course my brother is on my ass about accounting. I’m working on it. Got more stuff entered, although not a ton. I have a whole month I’ve barely touched, but I should be able to get a lot of that going shortly. Pretty sure the finalized invoices for the owners (in the old fashion) are finished, so I can use those to make sure I’m not missing anything.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is a beautiful wave frozen in time as it is rolling in. I love all the water spray just hanging in the air like that.

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