Bottleneck Bothers


More Factorio with breakfast. At this point I have all the sciences automated. I’ve got bots flying around delivering and building. The factory is still a bit slow due to the ore bottlenecks, but I’ve spent a while working on the spaghetti to make it work a little better.


Found some more time to work on the factory. I’ve now got requester chests, so I have a small setup to help with adding modules. I’ve also setup the factory in such a way that it’s almost time to mass upgrade everything to blue belts and such.


Ran around and checked on a new villa we will be booking for. Talked to the guy who does the maintenance there. He seems like a good guy. Got a water testing kit filled to drop off at the water department tomorrow. The place looks much better now that it’s been repainted.


Spent another chunk of time in QuickBooks. Got a lot more stuff entered. Still a bunch to go, but I’m seriously catching up now. Still waiting on some bills before I can get going on last month. . .

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is clouds again. These are just big poofy clouds.

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