Another Storm

Bank Day (Monday)


As usual, heading to the bank begins with a ferry ride to Tortola. I came prepared for anything with my umbrella because this time there’s a storm on the horizon. And of course once I’m there, a stop by The Watering Hole is in order! Ordered myself a couple of breakfast sandwiches and a mimosa then began work on preparations. Wrote a couple of checks, signed others, etc.

Banks Banks Banks

Once my preparations were complete, it was time to head to the first bank. I had a bunch of checks to deposit and cash to withdraw. Surprisingly there was nearly no line and the teller was quick! I got out of there in no time, probably the quickest stop in that bank ever.

After that was heading to deposit a check for one of property owners at a different bank. This bank looked more like what you’d see as a rough mock-up of a bank for a heist. Warehouse with unpainted plasterboard walls, concrete floors, missing drop ceiling tiles, etc. I had to wait in a seriously long line there.

Then a quick stop by the third bank to drop off another check. No line at all, never is. I just walk up to a receptionist and hand her a check. Simple as that. And I got it all done just in time to make the last morning ferry back home!


Once that was all done and dealt with I had to do even more running around checking on stuff. Stopped by a few villas to see what was what. Had to make sure things were locked up and ready for the upcoming storm.


My friend and I continued our romp through The Hive. Lots of hide and seek, but we did dabble in a few other games as well. It might just be time to check out some of the other servers to see what they offer though.

Karen Wants to Blow Your Manager (Tuesday)

Tropical Storm Karen

Tropical storm Karen is upon us. Much worse than Jerry was (and he was a hurricane). Really though, it’s just a bunch of rain all day and gusts of wind. Everything is shut down again, but that’s okay. There has been no consistency to when the rain comes or anything, it just blows through, fast and heavy, then it’s gone. That cycle has been going on since before sunrise.


Even with everything shut down, that doesn’t mean I get a day off. Sure, I didn’t work as hard today as I should have (or would have). But I did work! Spent a good bit of time catching up on some accounting. Finally got around to reconciling the accounts for last month. Still a little bit left to make sure everything is golden but I will be getting through that tomorrow, I hope.


Spent a good while playing more Minecraft again. Still running around The Hive. I’ve gotten pretty good at hide and seek there. Although really the game is pretty simple. You just hide and hope no one finds you. I’ve got some nearly perfect hiding spots on some of the maps. Places no one ever finds me.

After the Storm (Wednesday)


Spent all morning working on accounting. I’ve got everything fully caught up now for August. Yeah, I know it’s a bit late. But it’s done. Of course the roommate totally messed with some things. She missed a ton of the expenses I put in a spreadsheet for her even though she marked them as entered. We really need to get away from the old system, but she has issues with the reporting from QuickBooks. It isn’t perfect, but it does the job. We just need to get away from the old way because it’s worse now than ever.

Power’s Out (Thursday)

No Work

Earlier in the week they announced there would be a power outage, but the power outage never came, and instead tropical storm Karen rolled on by. So they decided to turn the power off today, with less than an hour notice! All day long the power was off, from nine in the morning until six in the evening. I was luckily able to keep myself entertained. Wasn’t able to get any work done though. I watched movies, TV shows, and played some games.

It was so flipping hot without any fans and no breeze! I was laying in bed, naked, sweating profusely most of the day. At one point I sat in my truck for like an hour in the AC charging my laptop and surfing the web. I used a little power inverter plugged into the cigarette lighter to power the WiFi and laptop.

Pool Day (Friday)


Even thought it’s pool day, I started early and went off to pay bills. Unfortunately the water department’s system was down, so I still can’t pay it. Been waiting on that one for nearly a month. The power company didn’t have readings for nearly half our properties, so that’s half paid. Luckily the phone company is on the ball and everything there was ready and paid.


Another damned scorcher today. Most of the pools were pretty easy, although I did have to put in some serious work at the amazing house. It’s been having some issues with chlorine, so I decided to open up their filter and clean it. Boy did it need a cleaning. It was nasty! Before cleaning it was so heavy with all the buildup. But once it was cleaned it was no trouble to carry around.

Even my nemesis wasn’t so bad, although I didn’t put a ton of work into it because I will have to go back early next week to touch it up before the next rental. Our old house is still having serious issues with the pool so I shocked it again and threw in a few chlorine tabs. I have a feeling I may have to clean the filter again, but we’ll see.

A Minecraft Kind of Weekend (Saturday & Sunday)


So pretty much the entire weekend was spent playing Minecraft. It was nice having a couple of days off in a row with negligible interruptions for work. Got so much done in the world too! We went exploring and found another guardian temple that I can build a proper farm from. Added in some new paths, switching, and tracks in the nether for transportation. Turned the first guardian farm into an aquarium since it’s nothing more than a fish farm.

I spent a good long while working with villagers too. Still haven’t gotten one with mending yet, although I have one with sharpness five and another with unbreaking three. I’ve raised and murdered so many villagers at this point I can’t even keep track. I just keep feeding them paper and emeralds in the hopes of unlocking the the holy grail of trades. Then I have to work my way through the other professions, but I’m pretty sure they won’t be nearly as annoying.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is after the storm. A beautiful sunset not long after Karen headed on to annoy other places.

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