Gross-ery Shopping

Grocery Shopping

Shopping for groceries on this island is such a chore. It doesn’t help that I’m not a shopper. I don’t spend time looking and choosing or whatever it is people who like shopping do. And grocery shopping is no different. But as I said, it’s worse here, because no one store has everything you want/need. And sometimes the stores just run out of certain things.

Today was no different. Buck’s has basically been empty of anything useful for a week or so. Instead, we went to Riteway, got a few things there, but obviously not everything. Then it was on to Rosy’s where we got a few other things on the list, but we still weren’t able to get everything we wanted. At least we got the necessities.


Spent some more time in Factorio. These recipe changes are making things a little more difficult, but I’m adjusting. I’ve added new bits to my modular armor. Upgraded the batteries, added legs, and even some goggles. Had to increase my oil processing, just can’t make plastic fast enough.


Spent some time on accounting. Things are seriously happening there. I’ve got a few months that are nearly completely entered except for a transaction or two. Still need to go over January and February, but so far so good! Not sure how much more I’m going to do today though. I really want to play more Factorio!

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is my spaghetti. It just seems to get more and more complicated as I try to deal with bottlenecks.

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