Busy as a Bee

Day Off (Sunday)


Let’s see, I played all kinds of video games today. I checked out some I’ve had for a while to see if they were interesting to me. Miner Wars 2081 is a good game but just not what I’m looking for at the moment. Space Pirates and Zombies, also a good game, but I just wasn’t feeling drawn in.

Finally I got to Rebel Galaxy and I’m really enjoying it. The initial learning curve was a bit steep as the game doesn’t have any decent tutorials. Once I got the hang of everything though I’m moving along swimmingly.

I also watched a god-awful movie, Loss Prevention. I thought I’d enjoy it, and I did, sort of. I just couldn’t stop watching it, but it was bad, so very bad. The acting was horrible, the script was horrible, even the cinematography was horrible.

Holiday? (Monday)


Ugh, even with it being a holiday I still did some work. I blame the intern though, she kinda forced my hand. Nothing too bad though, just checked on a couple of pools, added water to one. It was an early end to the workday too.


Other than that I spent a good deal of time playing Rebel Galaxy. I’m enjoying the game, although it is a bit unforgiving. Luckily the only penalty for death is reloading from the last time you left a station.

Sorta Day Off (Tuesday)


I had to do a little work today. Otherwise it was a day off because the intern was off island doing her own thing. I had to look into a pool (always seems to be a pool).

Rebel Galaxy

My exploits have continued in Rebel Galaxy. Killing pirates and saving citizens is fun. I’ve upgraded my ship a few times, but still get the crap kicked out of me occasionally.

Banking (Wednesday)


Work today was mostly a bit of accounting, writing checks, and paying bills. I did have to run some supplies to the housekeeper. Then, afternoon it was time to go to the bank. . .


Took the 12:40 ferry to Road Town. Was in the bank by 1:20 at the latest. Just around 2:45 I was at the teller being served and was out of the bank around 2:55 (they close at 3).

Following the bank was a quick stop by the pool store. And that left me an hour to kill until my ferry home. That means a stop by The Watering Hole! Luckily, the kitchen was still open (supposed to shut down at 3). Got my drink and sammich.

I finished the drink off quick when the sammich arrived. Seems there really is a difference when a dark and stormy is made with Gosling’s. Maybe I should start making.mine that way. I ate the sammich as I walked back to the dock. It was so tasty!

Then I had another 30ish minutes to kill till I could board the ferry home.

Paying Bills (Thursday)


Work had me running around today. I had to go pay bills. I accidentally left with a bad printout of our bills sheet, so I had to run home to reprint it. I hit up power, water, and internet. While I was at the government building taking care of water I also dealt with my work permit and immigration renewals.

Pool Day (Friday)


It’s another hot one today and it’s pool day. Service wasn’t really that bad though. It’s good that I finally have some sodium bicarb again. Been lacking recently. Of course, because it’s been a bit since I’ve had it, I used a lot today. Most of the pools were in pretty good shape though. Even my nemesis wasn’t too much work.

Stranger Things

Started the binge watching of Stranger Things season 3. The second season wasn’t my favorite, but this one has been so good so far. Don’t worry, no spoilers here.

Stranger Things (Saturday)

Stranger Things

I continued my marathon of Stranger Things season 3. Finished the show. Great stuff, and I want more! There had better be a fourth season. I’m assuming it’s already in the works. Maybe the next one will be Thanksgiving?


Other than watching TV I’ve been enraptured by Raft. I bought it not long ago during the summer sale on Steam. I’m enjoying it very much. Got a giant raft going, stopping off at islands from time to time. Killing that damned shark as much as possible.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is once again more clouds. These clouds were so dark against the bright morning sky I just had to get a picture.

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