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Day Off (Sunday)


Finally, a true day off. No work, no intern calling me for work, nothing. So I spent time watching movies. I re-watched Blade Runner, the original, for the first time in my adult life. I’d seen it long ago when I was young, but never since. So I watched it, and enjoyed it. I guess because I was so young when I saw it, a lot of the movie didn’t stick with me.

Then I watched Blade Runner 2049. Man that movie is long! I enjoyed it very much though. Watching it immediately after watching the first was a good thing. I could compare things, and the original was fresh in my memory. Definitely a good sequel.


I also spent a good while floating in the ocean. I’m enjoying the game very much, as I expected. I had played it a long time ago when it was first created and was free. Since then a lot has changed. I’m still slowly plodding along the tech tree to get where I want to be.

Waterworks (Monday)


Ugh, so much running around today. I’ve been by the place next door so many times today. The water bill over there has been pretty high recently, so I started my day after the guests left by walking the entire property looking for any signs of a leak. Didn’t find any, but I’ve been monitoring water usage throughout the day.

I also hit up another leaky pool (not the usual leaky pool I talk about) to go for a dip and try to find the source of the issue. I think I’ve found it, but have no idea what to do about it. We’ll be meeting with that house’s maintenance guy to talk about it in a couple days.

And of course, I had to add water to the other leaky pool, the one that I’ve been dealing with for a while. Luckily that wasn’t too much work. I just started the hose and let it run for a while then came back later to turn it off.


You know, it’s starting to become really hard to find titles for these blog posts and titles for the daily sections. My motivation to do just about anything is severely lacking lately. I’m getting by, but I really don’t know how to help myself get through this funk.


Very little work today, just transported the housekeeper a couple times. I did keep monitoring the water usage next door a bit, but so far things seem pretty normal. Of course, as I was winding down for the day, the intern contact me asking me to head out and take care of something, which I of course did. Then my brother’s texting me about some stupid “industry meeting” that’s going to be happening next week. He wants us to go, but I have a feeling it’s gonna be stupid.


During my free time I spent a while floating in the ocean in Raft. I’ve “finished” the game in that I’ve found the radio tower but there’s still a lot of content I haven’t completed yet. Still working through the large islands to try to capture animals and such.


I watched a couple movies, I am Mother, and Captive State. They were both really good movies and I highly recommend them. I wish I could find more movies to watch because right now the available TV shows are slim picking. Summer TV, right?



Met with the maintenance guy at the other leaky pool house. We may have found the source of the issue, but we won’t know until later. He’s off to repair the thing now and we’ll see how it looks tomorrow.


So many hours in QuickBooks today! My brain is a little melty with all the crap I’m dealing with. The roommate keeps screwing up her invoices, charging something to the wrong villa here and there. Just weird stuff in general. I’ve gone through a bunch of the invoices and reconciled most of them with what I have. Just need to deal with employee hours and some commissions.


Looks like I might be moving in the next couple of weeks. Rather sudden, but the owner wants to finally get some work done on this house and wants it empty to do that. Of course he still owes us a ton of money. Hopefully he’ll pay us. I’ll probably be moving into another one of our villas for a few months until the renters vacate the house we’ll be using long-term.



Spent a good while running around today. First to the original leaky pool to add water and open the villa for the incoming guests. Then I had to run by the other leaky pool and it’s not leaky anymore! Had to add some sodium bicarb to get it in balance, but it’s good. Then I ran back to leaky pool villa to clean the pools. Then off to pay more bills, twice.


Once all that running around was done it was time to dive back into the accounting. Man, such a pain in the ass. I’m going through June’s timesheets, and once again the roommate makes things harder. Oh well, at least now I’m caught up enough to be able to figure most of it out. I’m actually looking forward to when I can take over all of this stuff, strange as it may sound.

Pools (Friday)


As usual, another pool day. I started with my nemesis because the intern wanted to go for a swim later with a friend. It really wasn’t too bad, the fight was fairly quick and I won with little issue. After that was the amazing house. The pool was in pretty good shape, as expected. After that was the pool at the end of our road, it needed water. Otherwise it was in good shape.


After pools I found time to watch a movie. Finally got around to seeing Avatar. No, not that one (I’ve already seen that one). The one by James Cameron. I really enjoyed it. Dunno why I never got around to seeing it before, but I’m glad I have.



There’s really not much on the work schedule today, which means I really need to do accounting. I don’t know why, but I just can’t motivate myself to do this. Meh, I’ll work on it today. I’ll get enough done to hopefully send out a semi-correct P&L. It won’t be accurate, but it’ll be close.


So, I’ve done it. I finished getting the employee timesheets and such entered for June. Most everything on the owner invoices exists in the QuickBooks data. So, I put together a P&L for June that I’ll be sending off to the shareholders with the next weekly update. Surprisingly, June had a decent amount of profit.


Other than that, I spent a good deal of time playing games and watching movies. I finished the main story in Rebel Galaxy. Kinda underwhelming ending but I still enjoyed the game. It’s open world though, so I can keep playing if I want to, but I’m not sure how inclined I am to continue.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is another cloud. I love the way this one cloud stands out against the dreary backdrop of sunset. It almost looks like a floating cloud island.

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