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Back to Work (Monday)


And what a busy day it has been! I started out meeting the handyman at the old house. We went over what he needs to do there and other stuff coming up. Then I went to the top of the hill for my twice weekly walkthrough. After that was a trip to the hardware store to buy a pressure washer. Then after a bit of a break, I headed back out for more work. Did another walkthrough, checked out Christmas trees at the local stores, and checked in on the handyman.

Game Development

Once again, I didn’t take a whole lot of time to work on the game, but I did some. I basically picked up where I left off, came across some issues that I was able to take care of, and basically have the click-and-drag portion working as I’d like. Still a lot more to do. . .



What a morning. First I met up with the intern at the old house, went over some stuff there. Then I ran out to multiple gov’t offices. Didn’t even get everything done that I needed, but it’s all a move in the right direction. Then I had to move a ladder, moved a Christmas tree, picked up a pressure washer. A hot a sweaty day full of work.



Another busy morning. Started with payroll before breakfast. At the usual time I headed to meet the intern and an ISP tech at the old house. Did a few other odds and ends there, then headed out for gov’t offices again. Dropped off more forms and two different places. There was another stop by the old place to meet the handyman. I met up with the housekeeper and paid her. Too much to do last minute.



Another busy day. Hopefully the last for this week. I started early at the old house. Cleaned up the pool and got the maid working. Handyman was also busy doing his thing. So many little things need doing around that place. Later I went to the dock to pick up a food order, but it didn’t make it on the first boat. Had to go back a few hours later.

Pool Day (Friday)


Hard day of pools today, even with having one less to do. I started at the house on the hill and did an extra special good job there. Full scrub and vacuum. It didn’t need it but we have guests coming next week, so I wanted to be extra prepared. After that was the easy pool, not a whole lot done there. Then came my nemesis. It wasn’t so bad actually, but while I was there I was preparing to go next door.


Yup, the guests in quarantine had a few issues I had to address. No direct contact, wore a mask and gloves the whole time. Sanitized after, and took a shower (although that was mostly for the heat and sweat). No big deal though, just addressed a few problems.

Game Development

I didn’t exactly do any programming today, but I did come up with a couple ideas to get me unstuck on IT Ninja. I’ve done a little work this week on the space game. I don’t remember exactly what or which day, but I continued a bit more into what I was doing, and I have some more ideas on that game as well. Who knows, maybe I’ll be working on three different games at the same time!



I was hoping for a mostly chill day today, but instead I had to do a grocery run for the guests. They are fucking crazy. It started with like $2,000 worth of groceries and a day later they ordered another $400! They had like 4 cases of Perrier (like 12 bottles per case) and needed another? I have no idea, but whatever, more profit for the company!

Game Development

So, I have another game idea I want to start working on, but this one is a bit different. I haven’t actually done anything on games today, but I’ve mulled over ideas. I want to build a game for streaming. Like, build a game in a livestream to play on livestreams. I’m kinda thinking a Twitch enabled Scorched Earth sort of thing. But, there’s also the space game, and the IT Ninja, and the platformer, and the other game I’ve started. So in the end I did it, added another game to “things I want to do” list. Didn’t even get much done. But I did spend some time setting up and streaming.


Game Development

Spent a long while today streaming to Twitch today. It was more setting things up, doing a little work on actual development. There’s a lot involved in this project outside of the actual programming. Some of the functionality I want will require a better channel rating. I feel like I at least got something done in that time.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is a throwback to December 2018. This was back when I was still very new to island life and had no idea what I was in for. Back then I was taking pictures with my new camera all the time.

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