Christmas Week

What Did I Accomplish This Week?

This week was Christmas! So, that’s a thing I accomplished, right? Yeah, not so Christmas-y, but I did make cookies. And I went to the bank. But most importantly I rested and relaxed!

Christmas Eve Eve (Monday)


We are in desperate need of petty cash so it’s time for a trip to the bank. As usual I took the nicer ferry. This time they were giving out banana bread and juice boxes instead of water. Was very nice. Because of that I changed my usual routine and went straight to the bank, saving The Watering Hole for lunch.

The line at the bank was the usual length. Luckily with Christmas coming they had more tellers than usual working. The wait wasn’t bad at all. Once that was done I bought some pool chemicals, a new SD card for my Switch, and then lunch. The ferry home was packed because of a cruise ship in port.


While waiting in line at the bank I’ve decided to post more about my investments on Robinhood. So, to start I’ve deposited $578 total (all values are USD). When I opened my account I was given a free share of Fitbit stock worth approximately $6 at the time. I’ve earned $5.87 in dividends, which I’ve reinvested. My current portfolio value stands at $553.06 which means overall I’ve lost about $40.

It sucks that a lot of my stock choices seemed sound at the time but then dropped (and haven’t recovered) not long after investing. It won’t take too long to recoup the loss (hopefully) through dividends. And as I get more money from my books guy I’ll be putting 10% of it in the market. Even though my portfolio may suck, I’m in this for the long haul and expect to end up ahead in the long run.

Right now I’ve got a somewhat diverse portfolio. Most of it is spread among a mixture of dividend stocks in differing industries. I have a few speculative stocks as well. And of course I had to invest in the future of cannabis. I still have many stocks I’m following and interested in. If you want a breakdown of my portfolio please leave a comment to let me know.


Once I was back from Tortola it was time to do more work. . . . Yay . . . . So on to the amazing house to clean the pool. Someone recently cut the yard, so it was full of debris. Had to get it into shape for the guests arriving tomorrow. Then it was on to the leaky pools for a quick touch up for today’s guest arrival.

Christmas Presents

When that was all done, I spent a bit of time putting together a small video for my girlfriend. Since we’re long distance I can’t exactly give her a present, so instead I made her something she can enjoy anytime she wants. I hope she likes it.

Christmas Eve (Tuesday)


Ugh, guests just checked in to the villa with the previously leaky pools. Complaining about water pressure. I’m sure they were running the dishwasher or washing machine at the time, which takes all the water. Oh well, because of that I get to go over there and act surprised. See if there’s anything I can do to get it better.

YAY, the pressure seems better this morning according to the guests. So now I don’t have to run over there. Instead I get to head to the ferry dock and pick up a grocery delivery for other guests coming today to the villa with the new pool. And, as is so often the case, as the boat is pulling up I’m informed it won’t be on this ferry but the next! What a waste of time.

When the delivery finally came it was six boxes. So I drove them over to the villa and unpacked everything. There was nearly too much to fit in the fridge. I did my best to make it look appealing but there’s only so much you can do with such limited room.

Christmas Day (Wednesday)


It was such a good day! I spent all morning binge watching Lost in Space season 2. Really enjoyed the show but I want more! I really wish I didn’t have to wait for it. Then in the afternoon I spent a good while playing games with my friend. After dinner it was time for more TV and movies. It was nice to be able to just relax and do nothing.

Boxing Day (Thursday)


Even though it’s a holiday I had to do a little work. Ran over and unlocked a villa for the housekeeper. Also went and addressed an issue with a gas grill. Didn’t take much time at all luckily. Of course, the housekeeper told me she’d need a ride when she was done, then got a ride from someone else after I had been waiting for her all day.


Once the little bit of work was done I spent the rest of the day watching more TV and Movies. Played more Warframe too. It’s been a pretty nice holiday. Not having to worry much about anything, getting time off to relax and catch up on things. I’ll be updating my movie list in the near future.

Pool Day (Friday)


Started off early today. Got a call before 9 to pickup the housekeepers. Luckily it wasn’t too bad, although on the way back it started raining. That means pushing back the start of pool service until after it passes.


It was a long day today. The pools weren’t bad, but all the other work I had to do was a pain. I wasn’t done with pools till nearly four in the afternoon. I’m usually finished closer to one. Then when I was finally done I had to run out again to fix a water problem at the amazing house and drop the housekeeper off!



Spent some time this morning catching up on accounting. Since yesterday was the last pool service for the year I entered owners’ costs. There’s still a decent amount more to do, like commissions, credit card fees, etc. Maybe I’ll do more today, maybe I won’t.

Merry Christmas To Me

I splurged on a present for myself. Decided to buy Pathfinder: Kingmaker on Steam. I figured with the holiday sale going on it’s about as cheap as it’ll get for a while. I’ve been eyeing the game for some time. I do hope it’s worth the money, it has pretty good reviews. Just need to find time to play it.


Had to do some other work today too. Helped cover some umbrellas, fixed a television, and gave a housekeeper a ride. The umbrellas weren’t a big issue, one just doesn’t open very easily. Got the coverings on and attached properly. As to the television, this one has a removable digital tuner for some reason, and the pins got bent. I bent back into shape and got the TV working again.

Day Off (Sunday)


Got another day off to relax. It was definitely needed. Spent time playing more Warframe solo. Mostly I was working on my Nightwave stuff since it reset. Also got all my syndicate stuff started and tried to figure out what I was going to do.

Also spent a good deal of time watching the new season of Runaways. The show is still not great, but I don’t have anything else to watch at the moment. I’m excited for Doctor Who coming back soon though! Oh, and I watched another movie, Ready or Not. It was entertaining.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is a purple sunset. The sky was lit in such beautiful colors I had to capture it to share with you.

Remember to go check out my Gallery for more photo goodness!

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