Hap-pig New Year

What Did I Accomplish This Week?

I survived through another of the Earth’s revolution around the Sun! Not only that, but I did a lot of work this week. And I even went out to a social event and enjoyed some roasted pig.

Back to Work (Monday)


Time to pay the bills! As usual, water bill wasn’t available yet. Got power and internet paid for all the houses though. Did some accounting, to enter stuff for this month. Not much more to go until we’re done with that. Then I had to run the housekeepers around a bit.


Got another Ikea order in today. It included the last piece to finish my room, a chair for my desk! I can finally play games on my laptop in my room. Also included was a rolling cart for the kitchen, giving us much needed counter space.

New Year’s Eve (Tuesday)


Started out the day heading to our old house to have a good look around. Came up with things that still needed to be worked on, and got ideas for post-repair decorating. Got a rental in just over a month that we need to prepare for! After that, had to head to clean the previously leaky pool. Then it was a rush to get payroll done.


My New Year’s celebration was non-existent. I was in bed, asleep, long before midnight. I did spend some time playing games and watching TV in the evening. I haven’t really felt too celebrate-y lately.

New Year’s Day (Wednesday)


In the morning I spent a good few hours playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker. I’m enjoying the old-school RPG vibe the game has. I spent the rest of the day bingeing Messiah. The show was pretty good, although it did get a little slow towards the end. I’m looking forward to the next season (if there is one).

New Year’s Work (Thursday)


Of course, a new year means a new month. And a new month means finishing out last month’s accounting. Much of the day today has been dealing with that. I had to reconcile both our accounts, enter all the employees’ timesheets and paychecks, and begin the verification of data for our owner statements.


And in the middle of all that I had to get called away a couple times by the housekeepers. Take out the trash, bring them their paychecks, check this maintenance thing. It’s a never-ending stream of stuff for me to do. But that’s life, isn’t it?

More Accounting

I think I’ve done it. I’ve got all the commissions and credit card fees entered. Usually that’s one of the last things I do. Verified all payments, got the employee time entered and paychecks. I think it’s all done. I’ve exported the monthly reports as I usually do, so it’s up to the roommate to look them over.

Pool Day (Friday)


Pools weren’t too bad today. Only two of our houses are occupied currently. First stop was my nemesis. My main issue there was the guests. I got there, no one was out and about, although they were home. Got to work, spent fifteen to thirty minutes skimming and scrubbing. Then went down below to turn the pump on. As I was coming back up, a guest popped her head out of the master bedroom and was all, “Who are you?” and “What were you doing downstairs?” Mind you, I was wearing my company shirt, and she had been told they’d be getting pool service today.

The other incident was the new pool. The guests there (one of them at least) are very friendly. Ended up talking to the guy for like half an hour after a quick service on the pool. Great guy though, and hopefully he’ll leave us a great review.



Work started early. Had to go pickup and transport three housekeepers. Got stuck with the last one talking to the guests there for like thirty minutes. Later I had to run trash and supplies for the other two. Then after that I had to move the one housekeeper to help out the two finishing that house off. Quite a lot of running around for work today.

Beach Day (Sunday)


Once again, another day off. This one is the usual Sunday kind, with a twist. I started the day like usual, laundry, watching TV, playing video games. I continued playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker. I’ve made it through the beginning sequence and have now begun making my kingdom. It’s a whole new kind of game now.

Pig Roast

Afternoon, it was time for a pig roast on the beach! The intern’s husband was throwing a gathering down in Nail Bay. So many people attended, it was quite popular. The weather was mostly okay, we did get a short downpour at one point. But everything was great, we stayed for a few hours. It was good to get out and see people, enjoy the ocean, eat some tasty roasted pig.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is the roasting pig! That thing took forever to cook but it was delicious. Everyone absolutely loved it.

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