Warframe Week (end)

What Did I Accomplish This Week?

This week I progressed significantly in Warframe and built another automated farm in Minecraft. Of course I did a lot of work too. . .



Work so far today has mostly been shopping! We spent a good chunk of change on buying stuff for villas in need. Got a few things for our house too. Other than that, I did spend some time on accounting. Had a little bit to catch up on. Still no word from the electrician to connect the pump though.



Started out with a quick trip to a house that was just vacated. The tenants left it a mess, and the housekeepers will be there all day cleaning. After we finished there I dealt with some payroll and accounting. It’s nice to be caught up. Just one less thing to worry about later.


Finally made it through Phobos and entered the void. Only ran one mission there and ended up with enough control modules to begin making not just one, but two new warframes! I’ve been waiting quite a while with the blueprints to be able to make these things. It’s going to be a few days before they’re printed and I can use them though.



Not a whole lot on the docket today. Checked on the repaired pools. One was already filled, the other not. I started running water, after 5 hours it barely filled anything. Got the electrician out finally, pump is powered and working. Although it’s still off because the pool doesn’t have enough water.



Continued the fill. Even if it’s left run all day it probably won’t completely fill it. Luckily I have the villa maintenance guy there, so I’m hoping he’ll get it full by tomorrow. Went to start it filling, and he had already done so. Huzzah! While I was out I picked up the housekeeper and delivered her to a villa. Later in the day I unlocked another house for someone working there.

The Boy

So, I did more looking again today (I do this occasionally) to see if I could find out more about what’s happening with my son. I haven’t talked to him or anything, he hasn’t reached out to me at all. Found that he has been released from prison and is living in a halfway house in Virginia. Found his account on what happened and I don’t believe it for a second. I’m pretty sure he’s still got a warrant out for his arrest in Georgia.


Mail came today and in it was a nice long network cable and cable clasps. So I moved our WiFi extender to a place where it will hopefully get us better signal in the bedrooms. Took a while to setup and get everything run nicely. And I had to wait until it was okay to take the internet down for a few minutes.

Pool Day (Friday)


Started early, opening up the house with the previously leaky pools for the housekeepers. While I was there I cleaned the lower pool, but the upper pool still needs filling. Next was a pretty easy house, just a good vacuuming there. After that I headed down to our old house and gave it a seriously thorough cleaning. Vacuumed every inch of the pool. The housekeepers tried calling me for a ride, but I had no service.

Of course, for some reason the roommate thought it would be a good idea to expect me to be responsible for moving two housekeepers while I’m doing pool service. Poor ladies were waiting around for an hour (according to them, I don’t think it was that long). Got them moved and went back to my business. My nemesis wasn’t too bad, just a bunch of leaves on the bottom, so it got a good vacuuming.

After that was the amazing house. Once again, another serious vacuuming. It wasn’t too bad, but I just want to start the season off with clean pools across the board. Lastly, I had a new pool to service starting today. Literally a new pool, it was just built. The thing had no chlorine! The chlorinator isn’t hooked up for some reason and the guy who built the pool won’t respond to our messages.


And of course, as I was getting ready to leave and go home for lunch, two trucks of water showed up. So I stuck around for another couple of hours to get those put into the cistern. By the time it was all done my day was almost over. I chugged two glasses of water when I got home I was so thirsty.



Started early today. Staff meeting going over the schedule for the next few weeks. When that was over I took the housekeepers to their destination and headed to the dock. Had one hundred pounds of sodium bicarb to pick up. Brought that home and headed back out to buy pool equipment for the new pool.

Next up was to check on the leaky pools. They’re both full and running now. Got ’em balanced and they’re running. Dropped off the pool equipment from earlier and headed home for lunch. Course, I had to head back to the leaky pools to get them cleaner for the arrival on Monday. It wasn’t too bad, but by the time it was all done I was exhausted.

Fun Day (Sunday)


My last real full relaxing day before season starts. I spent all day playing Minecraft and Warframe and watching The Witcher. Great show! Built a nice automated sheep shearing farm in Minecraft. Sixteen individual cells, one for each color. Nice and compact too.

Keep in mind I’ve played Warframe nearly every day this week even though I haven’t mentioned it. In Warframe my friend and I finally beat that stupid rush mission on Phobos. It’s nice to finally be able to drop an extractor there for plastids.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image was taken while getting water delivered at one of our villas. I love the stunning views from up there and felt this shot was framed nicely.

Remember to go check out my Gallery for more photo goodness!

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