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I’ve done it! I’ve got all the sciences on the rails, got my research setup and I’m launching rockets! MWAHAHA! It’s going to take a lot of tweaking to get a good ratio of trains and stations, but so far it seems to be working out okay.

Yes, I pretty much spent the entire day playing Factorio. By the time I stopped I launched at least 10 rockets. I’m still trying to fix bottleneck issues. Eventually I’m going to re-arrange everything. Right now things are just placed somewhat randomly.



Another slow work day means LOTS of time for Factorio. I spent a good deal of time re-organizing the base. Really, with how slow everything is, I ended up only moving most of my iron ore processing. At this point I’ve launched about 50 rockets.



Started off with a run to pick up the housekeeper. After that I fought the nemesis again. Totally kicked it’s ass. Wasn’t too bad, only took half an hour. Later I made a run to pick something up from the ferry but it wasn’t there. Then I had to ferry the housekeeper around again. . .


Many more hours spent rearranging the factory. It takes a long time to move a single square by robot. . .



Running around this morning. Opened a villa for the housekeeper, picked that thing up from the dock, purchased a lock for a sliding door. Once that was all done I finished and published a blog post on our company site. Check it out!

I’m so proud, this post is doing amazingly! Probably the best post we’ve ever had. Definitely the best blog post, looks-wise. But it has had the most engagement of anything we’ve put out there. By Thursday morning it had reached 38 shares and was still gaining. Hasn’t translated into a new booking yet though.


More factory growth and streamlining. Mostly I’ve been trying to extend my rail network so I can better organize things. Up to 90 rockets launched now!


After writing that blog post, I decided to do some digging in regards to the company site’s web hosting performance issues. I ran a little tool called WPPerformanceTester on my site and the company site. The WP Benchmark for this site was in the 700s and for the company site it was in the 200s! That’s total crap. No wonder the site performs so badly.

So now I’m looking into new hosts. I think I’ve decided we’ll be moving to Bluehost. Their performance benchmark was up around 1000, and they’re cheaper than what we’re paying now. Mind you, it’ll be annoying to transfer the site between hosts, but hopefully it’ll be worth the effort.



The morning was spent running around. I had to install a lock in a sliding glass door at one villa, then get supplies for the housekeepers there. Once that was done I got to work on our pool. Got a guy installing a new pump, so I took the filter apart to clean it. It smelled so bad! Like raw sewage. Likely because the water had stagnated for weeks with tons of algae. But the new part is installed, the filter is clean, and a new pump is in.

Once the electrician comes to wire it up, the pool will start clearing. Just need to add lots of chlorine. Already dropped a bit in there, but will add more once the water is flowing.

And of course, he didn’t show up. Seems the roommate knew that was going to happen and didn’t let me know because she’s was busy. Oh well. . .


Pool Day

A bit of a different pool day today. Dude came and wired up the pump so we have circulation again! Of course, the pool is in such bad shape that I’m having to babysit the filter. So much organic material going through it that the system is clogging every 15 minutes. When I see that the water has stopped, I backwash it and start again.

Already had to pull the filter out and disassemble it to clean once so far. Then pulled it out and cleaned it again a few hours later. More chlorine . . . add baking soda . . . Hopefully it’ll really start clearing up soon. Of course, I’m more interested in being able to run it without the filter clogging.

By the end of the day the pool is looking better. Mind you, I spent all day babying this thing. So far I’ve added 15 pounds of chlorine. FIFTEEN POUNDS! I’ve been skimming this frothy goop off the surface to keep it from having to go through the filter. Speaking of which, I probably need to clean it again, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Ugh, tomorrow, I still have to do all the rest of the pools. . .



Basically all day was spent working on our pool. It has gone from brackish, green water to sparkling clear water with a ton of sediment in the span of one day. I would vacuum, backwash, and vacuum again. Pulled the filter out a time or two to clean it. Hopefully it won’t take too much longer to be good.


Between bouts of fighting the pool I played more Factorio. And while I was fighting the pool I’d leave the game to run. The factory is so much more organized and streamlined now. There’s a lot more to move around, but it’s coming along nicely.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is more waves crashing on rocks. I love the way the camera captures the ocean spray.

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