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Ugh, another day fighting our pool. All day was spent working on it. Cleaned the filter, kept having to stop and start the pump to keep flow up. Added more chlorine, keeping the levels high for now. Scrubbed and vacuumed multiple times. Still has a lot of sediment on the bottom, but it’s a lot better than it was. Gotta get it ready before I head off on vacation.


Between bouts with the pool I played more Factorio. I left it running while working. Not a ton has changed, just moved a few more things around, added a couple more mining sites. I’m not exactly sure how well expanding further will work out. I have issues with trains getting stuck in loops trying to find the nearest station. Maybe there’s a setting in SmartTrains I can adjust.



The day was spent alternating between working on the pool and Factorio. The pool is looking so much better now. There’s still a bit of sediment on the bottom, but I’m out of DE so I can’t clean the filter. Luckily I’ll be getting some tomorrow (hopefully).


Not a whole lot happened for a day spent playing. I moved a few things around, added some more mining sites. This train setup is requiring a bit too much micromanagement. For some reason my trains keep running out of fuel.



Taking the ferry into town today. Gotta hit up the bank in hopes of adding me as a signatory to our company checking account. God knows if we’ll actually be able to yet, but hopefully it will happen. Also gotta hit up the pool supply store to get more DE and hopefully a chemical measure.

As expected, we we’re not able to get me added as a signatory because the bank didn’t bother to let us know what we needed to do ahead of time. Did get the DE, but the store doesn’t carry measuring scoops . . .


After a quick lunch it was time to tackle the pools. I started off with an intense fight against my nemesis. With hard work I was able to get it beat. Lots of scrubbing and vacuuming and chlorine.

Once that was over, I headed back home. Vacuumed the last of the sediment on the bottom of the pool and began the laborious task of cleaning the filter. That stuff was caked on so much. It was like a layer of clay. Once it was clean, I popped it back in, started the pump, and added the DE. Pool is now cycling and looking pretty good. Just a little DE on the bottom of the pool which will be gone with the next vacuum.



It’s finally time to head back to Atlanta! An early morning making sure everything is ready to go. Then off to the airport! Of course I got there as suggested but was still thirty minutes ahead of the airline staff.

Trip to Puerto Rico was quick and easy. Just like taking a trip in a cramped van in the sky. Love those little planes. After that was a four hour layover. Luckily, I come prepared, lots of TV and video games to entertain myself.

After an overpriced meal it was boarding time. The plane was packed, and there were so many young children flying. Thankfully the little ones weren’t a big deal, likely due to my earbuds. I watched Bumblebee, good movie, better than the rest of the Transformer movies.

Then, upon landing I rushed to pee! OMG I had to go so bad. Once that was dealt with, I ordered my Uber and relaxed on the way to my friend’s place.



I didn’t do shit. I hung out, played videos games, slept. Watched shows, the usual stuff. It was nice to be able to relax and not have to think about anything. I had totally forgotten about my allergies living on the island though. They started kicking my ass hardcore. Prolly doesn’t help that my friend has a cat.

I did get some stuff shipped to my friend’s house in preparation for my trip, like my new laptop. It’s pretty sweet, although I’m not a huge fan of the touchpad. I really liked the touchpad on the MacBook, this one feels just a little too . . . something. I really don’t know how to describe what I don’t like about it. But this thing will do just fine!



Ran by the storage unit to meet up with the book guy. I had forgotten quite how full that thing was. Book guy ended up leaving with somewhere between ten and twenty boxes. Hopefully stuff sells and more money comes in.



The next leg of my journey began early. I was up at around 2am to get ready to head to the airport. Made it there with time to spare. I was actually so early that nothing was open, not even the security checkpoint. Boarded the plane and began my journey. I had an isle seat for the first hop. It was just a short trip up to Toronto. I’ve been through that airport a few times. I like how it is laid out, things are pretty easy. Didn’t have to even go through much in the way of customs or immigration.

The next trip was the long one. From Toronto to Hong Kong. Flew all the way over the North Pole (or close to it). I had a window seat on this flight. No one in the seat next to me either, which was really nice. I tried to get some sleep, but it just didn’t work so well. I watched a whole bunch of movies, television, and YouTube.

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Today’s featured image is actually an older one. I didn’t really have anything prepared for this post since I’ve been so busy and travelling and all. I thought it looked pretty cool though, the way the water just hangs in the air like that.

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