Stress and Anxiety


Our accounting consultant is anxiety inducing. Had another appointment today to learn more. It went okay, I learned how to enter a lot more data that I didn’t have in. At this point I feel like I know just about all I need to to get things up to date. It’ll take a little while to get it all entered though.

My head was swimming by the end of the hour-long session. Probably didn’t help that I was already feeling anxiety before it even started. I’m looking forward to being done with her and just being able to do this right. I’m sure I’ll miss something that will bite me in the ass, but I am not an accountant!

Our Pool

After decompressing from the stress of that meeting and eating lunch it was time to work on our pool. Even then I could still feel the anxiety from earlier. Luckily, the work on the pool helped center me a little and I’m feeling a bit better. I didn’t do a proper service, I tested the balance (it’s got chlorine!) and scrubbed the whole thing. Hopefully with as much chlorine as the pool has it will start killing off the green now that it’s been brushed off every surface and is floating free.


Still not sure why I got so stressed, but as the day wore on I started feeling better. But instead of diving into accounting I changed gears to work on the company site. Adding a few more local providers to our page before copying it over to the live site. I kind of wish that Avada had a more WYSIWYG interface for their editor.

I really do like the Avada theme though. So many great features and elements. I’m almost tempted to buy it for this site. Would require a TON of changes and customization though. Not something I’m going to do soon.

Stardew Valley

Another day on the farm, yep, just one. Not much to report, just the usual run-around. Went to the desert cave for some mining and slime killing. Not sure how many more I need for the ring. I wonder if there’s a way to check.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is more clouds! Yeah, more clouds. I’m running out of ways to describe some of these photos. It looks cool, okay?

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