Fearsome Foursome



So the morning started out normally. The roommate is off to another island for the day (and night) with her boyfriend. Once they left I got a message from the pool supply place on Tortola about a part I need for our filter. Ran out there and met up with the guy and got the part. Biggest issue now is that our pump is dead, so the part won’t do any good if we don’t fix that. My next task is looking up prices on pumps to see if we’re willing to spend the money to fix it.


The second nuclear power plant is complete! Took quite a while to do though, but now I have enough power to run my base again. I’m sure it won’t be long before I need a third. . .

I’ve begun working on green science. Got the belt portion on the rails now, next is to get green circuits making. That will really help me, since green circuits are my bottleneck at the main base. Once I have them building on the rails I’ll be able to move on to red, then blue. With that, my module production for the rail base will increase!

Stardew Valley

Another day on the farm. Not much accomplished, but I’ve got less than a week left of Fall. I did some research and found out that mining regular rocks in the mines doesn’t necessarily give any experience points, so I’ve been trying to level that skill all wrong! Now I know better and should hopefully get mining and combat to max before spring.


Pool Day

Time for pools once again! And boy, it’s been a busy day. It all started off normally, at the amazing house. Just your usual pool service. Then it was up to another villa, not a bad time there either. After that, I was informed of a plumbing problem up the hill.


So up the hill I went to find a sink full of dirt water. After draining it, I tried a makeshift snake that didn’t do a whole lot. Called the plumber to come up to check it out. While I was waiting I had a look at the septic system to see that it was overflowing. Plumber gets there, checks things out, and thinks the two problems aren’t related.

So what h believes is we’ve got a blocked pipe, that he can fix on its own, and a septic system that needs to be completely drained, cleaned, and serviced. Personally, I think the clog issue is likely due to the septic problem, but I’m not a plumber. So, he’ll be fixing the clog issue while we wait to hear back from the owner about the septic.

Pools, Continued

Once that was addressed, it was time for my nemesis! Just the usual fight; a full skim, scrub every inch, vacuum, skim again, add chlorine, etc. Guests will be leaving on Sunday, so I’m going to attack that pool big time when it’s empty!



A day off, sorely needed. I took some time to watch The Predator. Enjoyable movie, but a little too comedic. I also spent a bit of time playing games and watching YouTube videos.


I got my green circuits producing on the rail. It took a little work to get it going, but now I need to get red and blue going. I guess I should work on the sciences, but circuits are needed for modules which are needed for the factory to grow.

Stardew Valley

Another few days on the farm. So close to fall, no time to plant any more crops. Slowly working on my combat and mining skills while trying to improve my relationships.



In the morning I worked on the factory. I’ve now got red and blue circuits assembling on the rails. Time to work on automating green science.

Savannah Bay

Beach day! The boat captain put together a gathering in Savannah Bay, but the timing didn’t work out with incoming rain. Eventually, the rain cleared, so we headed out to the beach. Beautiful day, perfect beach weather. Hung out in the sun, caught up with people. It was a nice, relaxing day at the beach with drinks.

It was fun. I basically got to sit in a beach chair and relax for a couple of hours. I did end up drinking a little too much, but I didn’t really feel it until after we were back home.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is from the beach. It was a beautiful day to be in Savannah Bay. This image isn’t quite up to my standards, not sure why it turned out so blurry.

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