Running Around



Work started off with some running around, dropping a housekeeper off. Guests departed, so I spent some time at the villa checking some things out. Got a little bit of rum left by the guests too.

I also had to run up to another villa to check on a leaking sink. Turns out it wasn’t so much leaking as the housekeeper used too much force plunging the clogged drain. Hopefully the guests will learn not to put too much food stuff down the drain in the future.


I did do more accounting, but mostly it has been trying to find data to enter. The way it was done versus the way it needs to be done causes some issues. And I’m also missing some papers that will help with the transition, so I had to email the vendor to get another copy.



Running around and more running around. I started off fighting my nemesis. I had help, the handyman I’m training on pools. We got that thing as good as possible for now. I did some research though, once these guests are out, it’s going to take some serious work to get it into proper shape. Turns out using too many tabs can cause issues.

After that, it was working at another villa. I got the stacking kit installed on the washer/dryer at that villa all by myself. I picked up supplies for that villa 3 times from the same place. While I was out I also picked up some pool related stuff, and ran a housekeeper around.


Found some time to play more Factorio. I got red science started on the rail network. I’ve also begun building a second nuclear power plant as I’m already maxing out the first and REALLY need more power. Just waiting on my bots to finish building.



Got to spend some time doing laundry for work today. We finally got a new laundry room addition to one of our villas completed and it needed to be tested. Just so happens that I had laundry to do! Everything worked out perfectly, laundry is clean and there were no fires.

Stardew Valley

While waiting for my laundry I got a decent amount of time to play Stardew Valley. I spent a lot of it in the mines. I still need to get my mining and combat up to level 10. I’m not sure how close I am (both are level 9) but if I keep going back fairly regularly I should get it before the end of Winter. So far I’m only 3/4 of the way through Fall.


Once the laundry was done and a quick lunch, I dug into the books. Added in a few new bookings, as well as entered some expenses and other stuff. It took a good little bit of time to do, but it wasn’t so bad. I still really need to get the accommodation tax payments entered . . . but the thought stresses me out.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is one again clouds. I went on a streak for a few days taking some good cloud pictures that I’m still working on posting. Don’t worry, I’ll vary things more.

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