Fire Hazard


Another day without running water. I figured the issues were due to power problems, but it might be something else. It really sucks to not be able to shower in the morning. Luckily it has been fairly cool so far today.

Electrical Issues

A week or two ago, we found one of the GFI outlets in the kitchen making noise and smoking slightly. At the time I flipped off a breaker and it stopped. Today, it started doing it again. . . Turns out the breaker did not control that outlet. This time I busted out my multimeter and verified power is actually off to that outlet.


The guests that checked in last night called this morning for a plumbing issue. Seems they needed a plunger. While I was out getting one for that villa I stopped by to pick up a housekeeper and drop her off for service. Once the plunger was delivered, I headed home and have been working on the company website.


So I’m back to making changes on the test site. I’m looking at improving the home page because that gets the most hits. I’m trying to add links to other useful content. So far I’ve added a “Property Management” content box with the “About Us” one, and added some text with links to “Getting Here” and “Local Resources.”

I feel like we need a lot more in our local resources page though. Right now it is just four businesses. We may need to expand that a lot more. Maybe even have sections for different classification. Like tabs for “Restaurants”, “Activities”, “Transport”, etc.

Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe adding some kind of calendar of events would be nice. There really isn’t a centralized place for the islands with something like that. Could have a simple contact form for submitting new events. Would keep people coming back to the site and would be a benefit to our guests.

I’ve also considered adding the ability to chat directly with us via Facebook Messenger to our site. It seems like it would be pretty easy to do and could help us get bookings. Not sure I’m ready to actually do it, but it’s something to consider for the future.

Stardew Valley

I’ve done it! The Community Center is complete! Everyone was so happy they sent me their favorite recipes. The fishing is coming along really well too. Everyday I try to catch at least ten fish, not counting junk and crab pots. My relationships with the villagers are improving as well. Slowly but surely they will all love me!

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is once again more clouds! Just can’t get away from cool looking clouds down here. There was just something about the way the different clouds looked with each other. The light, wispy clouds getting covered up by the dark, ominous ones.

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