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Another Busy day today. Let’s take a look at what I’ve done. While the roommate was busy with immigration I had to run some supplies to our housekeepers. First it was a broom and garbage bags for one villa. Later it was laundry and all kinds of supplies for another villa. I also had to make a separate run to that villa to help the housekeeper figure out the dishwasher.


There was an update to Avada, the theme we use on our company site. Applying it failed and totally broke the site. Took me a little while to fix. I had to delete the broken theme and re-upload it. Then I pushed the update again and all was good!

I also looked into speeding up our site. Unfortunately, I think a big part of our problem is the host. I did install Autoptimize. Spent a little while playing with it on the test site to get the options right so they’d help and not break anything. I also turned on lazy loading for our slider, it seems to have helped a lot.

I’ve also modified this site’s Autoptimize settings to match the company site. It didn’t make a huge difference. As it stands, the home page for this site has a huge number of requests (171) on load. Of those requests, about one third is scripts and over a quarter are just from Facebook.


I was just having a look around the site for testing purposes and stopped by my gallery. I flipped through all the photos there. While looking through them, I was kinda shocked at how much I liked the photos. I mean, I know I like the photos, and there are certain ones I like better than others, but I ha forgotten how much some of them speak to me. If you haven’t looked at it yet, check out the gallery, click on a photo to open the lightbox and get a real look at the pictures.

Stardew Valley

Played a couple more days on the farm. Not much interesting going on there. Still working on fishing and my friendship with the villagers. I’ve also been going back to the secret woods for hardwood and slimes. I need another oil maker and they’re expensive.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is a spooky moon. I feel like the way the photo turned out was much better then I expected.

Remember to go check out my Gallery for more photo goodness!

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