Power, Water, Work


Power was out for nearly the whole day today. Started early and didn’t come back until late afternoon. Unfortunately, this has caused issues for our housekeepers because they need power to do laundry.


Lots of work today. Before the power went out I started getting a new villa added to our system. It’s not “ours” but we’re able to get bookings for it and earn commission. Luckily I was able to get it done before we lost internet. Stupid UPS isn’t lasting as long as it used to.

After that, it was time to run around. First we picked up the roommate’s car. Then I headed over to a villa to drop off some portable mattresses. Once that was done I headed over to customs to load up on new furniture for another villa. Got that delivered and put together. Then more running around picking up a welcome package for arriving guests.

Once that was done I worked on the pool next door. It wasn’t in bad shape, but because of the power outage I couldn’t add any water and it’s low. Once that was all nice and scrubbed up I headed home to continue working on that new villa’s rates.

Unfortunately, the rates supplied by the owner are all kinds of wonky so I wasn’t able to get them up. Hopefully we can get clarification. But before we could deal with that any more I had to go check on a villa we had a water delivery to. Then once I was done there I headed to another villa to repair door handle that fell off.

If that wasn’t enough, next up was trying to get another villa on cistern water. Because of the power outage today, city water wasn’t flowing. As I was getting ready to tun on their pump, I found it had a leak. So no cistern for them. Luckily just as I switched them back to city water it came back. Water is flowing again, hooray!

Stardew Valley

Once the workday was over I made some time for farm life. Fishing has been going really well. I caught a Crimsonfish, my first legendary! Not only that but I made it to Fall. First day of fall was spent replanting new crops. I’ve got a little bit of everything growing. I also got my first pomegranate, which I turned in to complete my second to last bundle in the community center. Now I just need to wait for two more apples!

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is the beautiful view from Somoya, one of our villas. I just love seeing the island and ocean from up there.

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