Hard Day


A little bit of Factorio with breakfast. Playing a new save, just for fun. Already failed the one achievement I was considering getting. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but the map I’m playing on is in peaceful mode with no pollution or evolution. I’ve got all the ores turned up to max everything. So far I’ve gotten the first two sciences automated with four labs researching.


Once the workday was done it was time for some more Factorio! Things are progressing well. It’s so much easier without all the biters. I’ve almost got what I need to get robots going. Can’t wait to try out the new blueprint stuff. Plus it is so much easier to build using robots.



OMG, extra hard pool day today. First pool went okay, except for the neighbor’s dog who doesn’t seem to like people. Barking up a stork, hackles raised and everything. She got it under control, but I was worried it might actually attack me for a second.

The second pool, that was a doozy. It was in really bad shape. I had to scrub and vacuum it so much. It looks better but I’m going to go back on Tuesday to check it again. Hopefully the work I put into it today will be good enough so I won’t have to do too much then.

Owner Arrival

Had to check on one of our villas in preparation for the owner arriving soon. Looked around the whole property, checked the propane levels, tested all the electronics and lights. Gotta make sure he knows how good a job we do!

Pools Continued

Then it was back to my nemesis! It wasn’t in to bad a shape. I gave it a good scrub and vacuum. Added some chemicals. Basically, the usual. After that was all done with, I was exhausted. Of course, I hadn’t touched our pool yet. Because of my general lack of energy, I just tested and balanced the pool.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is some ocean spray. I have a hard time getting really good shots of the waves crashing against the rocks. Hopefully this one brings you joy.

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