Moody Month End

What Did I Accomplish This Week?

This week I didn’t accomplish too much. It was mostly a week filled with work and moodiness. Even being moody, I survived another month!

Slow Start (Monday)


Not a whole lot on the work front today. The roommate is still off with her boyfriend, boating trip today. Luckily that means the house they’re using is free for the handyman to do some work. That’s really the only house that can be worked on since we have guests at all the rest. Seems the intern has found some serious discrepancies in pricing across third party platforms. She’s taken it upon herself now to create a comparison spreadsheet analyzing our rates.

Typical (Tuesday)


Today the roommate has left the island for a short vacation with her boyfriend. This is good as I don’t have to be the one to go to the bank this week. I will have to be the one to give a crazy guest of ours a ride to the ferry tomorrow though. The weather has been wet today too, so the handyman can’t do much in the way of work today.


My tomatoes are looking good. Three plants are showing really nice true leaves. Hopefully it won’t be more than a couple weeks before I can pick the best one to go in my planter. Still not seeing anything out of the jalapenos though, so I might just plant two tomatoes instead. It was finally time to work with the coconut after soaking it for a few days. I’ve now transferred it to a ziploc bag to continue the germination process.

Weird (Wednesday)


This morning started out in a unique way. I had the task of transporting a crazy guest to the ferry dock. She wasn’t so bad with me, but the things she’s done while she was here earned her the crazy adjective. After that was done, I looked over a house and directed the handyman on the work to be done there.


In the afternoon I worked on accounting. Got caught up on some data entry I had been putting off. Of course there’s still more I have to do that I’m putting off. I don’t have too many days to get this month’s data entered, but doing anything today makes it easier tomorrow. Got caught up on all the current expenses and guest payments.


My little tomato plants are really looking pretty. Two are growing exceptionally well, two look nice and are growing well but smaller, and one is looking a bit sickly. At this point I’m fairly confident which one will go in the planter, but none are big enough yet, so we’ll see how they are when the time is right.



Bills are due, so I did my usual runaround to pay them. As usual the water bills weren’t available yet, so that’s not getting paid. Power and internet was no problem though. The roommate is back from her trip off island, so has been here at the house working a bit, but luckily she’ll be heading back down to where she’s been staying with her boyfriend soon.

Pool Day (Friday)


Exhausting day today. Hit up every pool except the new one. We have guests that just arrived and everything looked good before that. I started with the easy pool, gave it a good once over with the vacuum, it needed it. Then it was onto the amazing house. That wasn’t in great shape, the guests got some garbage or something in the pool. Gave it a full vacuum.

After that was my nemesis. It was about as it usually is, so it got a good vacuuming. Once that was done I did a quick lunch. Then ran down to our old house to add some chlorine tablets. At that point the housekeeper was ready to leave next door, so I drove her to the leaky pool. Had to add water to it, but not too much. For the most part the pools there were in pretty good shape.

Sucking (Saturday)


Well, I was getting ready to dive into the accounting since month end is here, but of course I was called away because the housekeepers need supplies and the roommate is too “busy” to do it. Oh well, a quick shopping trip and delivery then I can get to accounting, right? If only it didn’t take an hour just to pick up two things and drop it all off. . .


Well, I got some done. Entered all the checks I could, except for a few that are problematic because of the roommate. Entered all the expenditures I had receipts and information regarding. Still need to enter a ton of other data, but this day has been really annoying so far and accounting really won’t help. Maybe I’ll push to do a bit more later when my mood has improved.


Ugh, just not in a great mood today. I woke up tired. I was annoyed at all the stupid stuff I was stuck doing when the roommate could have dealt with it. There’s also the fact that it just never seems to end. And thing with the roommate won’t get better, she has been phoning things in for a while now leaving me to pick up the slack.

Sanity (Sunday)


Ahhh, a nice relaxing day off. Spent all day playing Warframe. Not a whole lot to report, but it was a nice and fun day. Worked a bit through Pluto, got a couple new parts for Warframes. Started playing around with Limbo, it’s pretty cool, took a bit of time to figure out how to use it properly though.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is a cloud I found floating in the sky on an early morning walk of the dog. I just love the way the cloud looks so soft.

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