Roboport Runaround


A bit more Factorio with breakfast this morning. Got myself some helper robots. I’ve got a couple logistic bots to help fill my inventory and a personal roboport for building. With that setup I was able to use the upgrade planner to replace most of the yellow belts and such with red. At this point I’m working on completing the research for electric furnaces so I can redo (and improve) my ore processing.


I did get a decent amount of time to play today. Got a lot done on the factory. I did get a couple roboports placed and added a lot more bots. It makes upgrades and building so much easier. I really like robots. It’s so much easier to let them do their thing instead of relying on a personal roboport.

I completely rebuilt my smelting setup. It was horrible, but I was waiting to upgrade to electric furnaces before I rebuilt it. There’s still some issues with it since I get all the ores, stone, and coal from my mining setup on one feed. But it seems to work well enough for now. Eventually I’ll get started on building my rail network.


Today’s work involved hauling some copper flashing up to one of our villas. It started with transporting a housekeeper. Then later I ran some laundry over with the flashing. Finally it ended with me cramming two housekeepers (and myself) into the truck again to drop them off. I really need to see about getting some kind of seat in the back of my truck.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is more clouds! Bet you thought you’d get a longer break . . . MWAHAHAHA Not this time! Anyway, it’s cool clouds. Yeah, nifty shifty clouds.

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