Lockdown Week Five – The End

What Did I Accomplish This Week?

This week I survived the last week of lockdown!

Lockdown Day 24 (Monday)


Wow, fifth week already? I mean technically the curfew started late in the week, so it hasn’t actually been as long as it seems. March 27, that’s when this all started. Just one week shy of a full month, which is when we go free (supposedly).


I had a late morning snack for breakfast. It was some apple cinnamon Cheerios with the last of that awful grapefruit juice. For dinner I had a serving of last night’s leftovers. Just need to make a couple cups of rice and I’ll have two more full meals of that.

Lockdown Day 25 (Tuesday)


Someone showed up here today, I think with supplies. Not for me though. Seems they got the wrong place.


I’ve run out of half and half. Used the last of it this morning. Luckily I still have flavored creamer for my coffee as well as soy milk. Not sure how long that’ll be good for though. I should have enough coffee to make it through this extension. For lunch I had breakfast. Two dozen eggs left. Used up a package of shredded cheddar, but I still have more.

I cooked up a couple more cups of rice. Mixed it with the leftovers and ate half that for dinner. That leaves me one more chicken and rice dinner for tomorrow.


Been having to do a few refunds lately. I haven’t been putting any of it in QuickBooks though. I really should start doing some actual work, because there’s a decent amount to do. And it doesn’t require going outside.


Not sure who, but someone emailed me a link to a simple recipe for mangoes. It’s fairly well known that I have access to a lot of mangoes. But not a lot of people I know would send that to me on my company email address. It does look amazing, but the only ingredient I have is mango. I’ll have to pick up the rest when I can finally restock.

Lockdown Day 26 (Wednesday)


Actually doing a bit of work today. I’ve begin the process of decommissioning Wunderlist. As of May 6 it will stop functioning. I have to go through everything in there and transfer it to a new service. Most of it can just die in Wunderlist, but I have to make sure we’re not losing anything important.

I cleared up all the stuff I had on file for accounting from there. Transferred the repeat tasks to ToDo. There’s a bunch of stuff I’ll have to move over to UpKeep, but that’s for another day. I did some accounting too, although there’s still more to go. I also did payroll. Even though the employees haven’t worked we still have money we owe them from last month for guest services and commissions.

Strangely, one of the housekeepers called because she wants yeast I have. Strange since she’s supposed to be locked down too. Whatever, I have a paycheck for her, and if she comes by I have five packets of yeast she can have.

Animal Crossing

Happy Earth Day! Although, nothing’s happening in game for the holiday. Nature day starts tomorrow, when a new update hits! Can’t wait for more new content! Today is also the day that my Nook’s Cranny gets its final upgrade. And it’s Phoebe’s birthday.


Started out with the usual coffee for breakfast. For lunch I ate a bit more of those Cheerios. I also found a box of mango orange juice that was still good and had me a glass of that. And for dinner I ate the last of the chicken and rice stuff.


Mangoes, cut up some mangoes. Another whole container full of mangoes in the freezer. Not any new ones to pick today, at least not any I can reach.


My tomato plant finally grew big enough to transplant. It is now in my homemade upside-down planter. I used up the last little bit of potting soil, not enough to fill the bucket. Hopefully this plant will survive the move. Even without any more dirt I’ve set a few more pepper seeds to germinate. Hopefully when the lockdown is over I can get more soil and those seeds will be ready to plant.

Lockdown Day 27 (Thursday)


Well, supposedly it is almost over. Including today, there’s only four more days left. I was gonnna break curfew and check out one of our houses, but it started raining. Maybe when the drizzle passes I can take a little walk over there.


Since the weather is keeping me inside for a bit I did some other work. I continued transferring and cleaning up the Wunderlist. Removed a few lists that were mostly empty. I also moved a few pool related things to UpKeep. I’ve still got accounting to do, but so many days to get it done in.

Eventually I took a walk to the nearest house. Pool was low, started the hose adding water. Gonna have to go back by there in a couple hours. While I was there, the puppy (I took her with me) found a baby chick. Luckily, even though she had it in her mouth, it didn’t seem hurt.


As always I started my day with some nice coffee. If they extend the curfew again I might run out! For lunch I decided to check on my yogurt stash. Glad I did because they were all past their sell by date. I ate two that were barely out of date but the third one was so old I decided against it.

A bit more snacking, some cheese and cookies. Then I had to think about dinner. . . I have shrimp that will last me a few meals, but I’m just not in the mood for that. Instead I decided to being the process of making pizza dough.

Pretty simple recipe, and the dough is really versatile. I don’t have everything I’d like for pizza, but I can make something tasty, I’m sure. As I write this the dough is still rising. I’m going to take half and cook it tonight and the other half will be put in the fridge.

In the end it went okay. I cooked it for a bit too long. Maybe a bit too much garlic. Still have the other half to play with again, but what I came away with tonight was definitely tasty.

Lockdown Day 28 (Friday)


Coffee for breakfast. Cheerios for lunch. I had a bottle of juice, V8 Splash. Dinner was what I had left from last night’s experiment. Not a lot of food today, but it was by choice, don’t worry.


There was another press thingie tonight. Seems like they still plan on freeing us come Monday. Businesses are supposed to close at 1pm. Kinda nuts. Not that it really applies to me. It’ll be good to be able to restock. I’m going to have so much to do. There’s been another case, up to six now.

Lockdown Day 29 (Saturday)


I’m worried about my coffee. It’ll make it till Monday, but who knows when I’m actually going to shop. I ate some more Cheerios, sad that I’m out of juice now. Had a couple cookies, running low on them. Lunch I ate three more eggs. With the curfew lifting I feel like it’s gonna be okay.

For dinner I shaped up that other ball of dough. I threw some pesto on it with a bunch of cheese. It was a mixture of three cheeses, cheddar, parmesan, and something else. I used up the last of one cheddar, but I have another bag. I can’t quite remember the name of that other cheese, but it’s good stuff. The pizza itself turned out really good! I’m excited to try making pizza again in the future. Gotta experiment with all kinds of stuff.

Lockdown Day 30 (Sunday)


This is it, this is the last day of full lockdown! After today we’ll be going into a modified curfew. People will be allowed to leave their houses from 6am to 1pm. I will be visiting ALL the houses tomorrow. I actually had a hard time sleeping last night because I was thinking of all the things I have to do.


Do I still need to ration? Until I get to a grocery store and restock, yeah. But I’m done tracking food on MyFitnessPal. I’m almost out of coffee, sugar, creamer. That’s probably what will force me to go shopping. I’m aiming at Wednesday to restock, but it will all depend on what the grocery stores look like at any given time.

Eggs for lunch. I still have a lot of eggs, 18 to be exact. Finished that pizza for dinner. Drank the last of my rum, drank a beer even!


I did more work today. I entered all the refunds I had been putting off. I’m sure there’s more accounting I could do right now but I’m not gonna do it. It’s my last day of freedom (!?) before I’m back to real work. I still don’t have a plan exactly, but I know what must be done.


I need to put a grocery list together to prepare for when it’s time to shop. I’m basically going to stock up on all the things that I used while I was locked down. Also adding a few things I would have liked to have on hand. Who knows what I’ll find though.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is another throwback. This is one of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken, and it was taken accidentally. I just love the way the camera focused wrong and yet still produced such a beautiful image.

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