Lockdown Week Four

What Did I Accomplish This Week?

This week I’m alive and COVID-19 free! Wow, I’m still kicking, still have food, and still mostly sane after four weeks.

Lockdown Day 17 (Monday)


I’m totally losing track of time now.


Skipped breakfast, just the usual coffee. Lunch was snacking, fruit juice and fruit loops. Dinner was breakfast. Man, is this confusing or what? Eggs, I had scrambled eggs. No meat, just the eggs.

Animal Crossing

I paid off my attic and started my basement! I also paid off another bridge.

Lockdown Day 18 (Tuesday)


For breakfast I did the usual coffee. Skipped all the way till about noon with no snacking. I decided at that point to kill some time cutting up my ripe mangoes. Put away a couple more cups of fresh mango in the freezer, and ate a couple mangoes myself. Delicious and nutritious lunch right there. I’m down to two mangoes though, gotta pick more!

And for dinner I cooked up the last of the frozen pizzas. Not a whole lot of easy food left. I only ate half, so that’ll be another dinner.

Animal Crossing

The game isn’t holding my attention as much. Right now I’ve gotten into a cycle of just doing some of the “chores” because the diversity isn’t there. Soon enough there will be more to do again though.

Lockdown Day 19 (Wednesday)


The government gave another press briefing (or whatever they call it) this morning. Watching it just made me think of what comes next. Even after we’re allowed out things won’t be normal. I don’t want to go out during the mad rush. I mean, not to the stores at least. So my supplies will have to last a few more days.

Wow, the borders will remain closed until June 1st at the earliest. It does look like they will allow some movement starting on the 18th. But they want to lock the island down on Sunday to allow seniors out. Starting Monday, things go back to normal(ish). That doesn’t really change much of my rationing plans. Just means I can do a house check on Saturday, maybe.

They got other weird things they’re doing. Like restricting who is allowed where during what time. It’s pretty hard to follow, since I don’t know district numbers. But it makes sense, to trickle the people back out. Keep from having everyone rush out. Won’t work though.


Another morning with a late breakfast, cereal and juice. Lunch was some chips or something, mostly just snacking. For dinner I finished the leftover pizza. Getting really low on easy eats.

Lockdown Day 20 (Thursday)


This shit is getting old, but it’s coming to an end soon. So happy this will (hopefully) be the last week of lockdown. The government has threatened to put a lockdown back in place if people get out of hand or things go wrong. I’m going to make sure when I can shop that I stock up on stuff again. Never will I have less than two weeks worth of food in my house again!


Ugh, conference call this evening. I’m not gonna be sober for it. Can get back to work on Monday officially, even though I might run around a bit on Saturday. But I gotta figure out how to utilize my crew, as well as deal with paying (or not paying) them.

The conference call went about as expected. I was able to put my concerns out there, hopefully they were heard. Being the person on the ground with no communication to the owners might be touch. Hopefully the roommate will address all the things I brought up.


So I finished off the Froot Loops, with them I had a glass of juice. I don’t remember much more than that about my eating yesterday. I had eggs for dinner. Yeah, I think that’s about it. The usual kind of thing. Even though I can technically go out on Monday to shop, I’m still rationing like I’ve got another week left.

Lockdown Day 21 (Friday)


Wow, three full weeks now. Oh, guess what! There’s been another confirmed case here. That’s four, with two recovered. No telling what this will do to things. They’re waiting for results on other suspected cases. For now I don’t think it will change much.

I’m pretty sure the British Royal Navy or Air Force just did a flyby in a helicopter. There’s a big British ship out in the waters, the HMS Medway. I haven’t gotten a chance to see it for myself, but I’ll see what I can do.


Coffee for breakfast. Eggs and juice for lunch. What will dinner be? How about two more of those chicken patties. I know, such a great diet.

Lockdown Day 22 (Saturday)


Breakfast was eggs at lunch time with a couple slices of turkey bacon. Dinner, the last of my frozen chicken patties.


Not sure if I mentioned it before, but there was a fourth person confirmed infected. Rumor is, that person has died now. Today, after lunch, the government did another press thingie. They confirmed the rumors, mostly. It is suspected, but not confirmed yet. Definitely dead, just not sure if it’s the virus.

The curfew is going to be extended now. They’re saying “a few days.” So far they haven’t put any hard details in. I’m sure they’ll give us more later, once they figure it out. I think I might still go out on Monday to check on a few houses though. There is a rumor labeled at “Fake News” by the government that says they’re extending the lockdown until May 1st.


I cut up all the mangoes I had. Got another couple cups to put in the freezer. Of course I had to eat some too. So delicious. While I was at it I picked a few more, but they’ll be a few days before they’re ready to eat.

Lockdown Day 23 (Sunday)


The government went live again last night around midnight. They’re extending the curfew for another seven days. Grocery stores will be opened for delivery, so I should be able to get some food. Maybe I can get some of that free food they’ll be handing out.

Another press thingie. Pretty sure they just said there was a fifth case. (After rewatching it, yes, there is a fifth.) They’re talking about the government making food deliveries. You know, for people who don’t have money to buy more. They will allow grocery stores to deliver food. I might consider trying to place an order mid-week. Remember when I said it would be only a few days? How about a month instead?


A late breakfast again, this time two eggs over medium and three slices of turkey bacon. I’ve still got over two dozen eggs. For dinner I was able to stretch one chicken breast into four meals! I cooked up two cups of rice to go with half the chicken and I’ll make more later. I made that honey soy ginger chicken stuff. So delicious, and enough for days.

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