Two Weeks at a Time

Two Weeks

As a bit of an intro I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t been feeling the whole “blogging thing much and have condensed two weeks into a single post. Yes, I know, I started out daily, then covered a few days, then a week, and now two weeks. I really just can’t find my motivation to do much these days and I’m sorry.


Relaxation and Work

Ahh, another nice relaxing day off. . . until it’s interrupted! Guy working at one of our villas nearly drained the cistern. I had to run over there to check on it, luckily he didn’t use it all.

I did get a chance to watch more movies. I’m really starting to run out of stuff though. I’m constantly searching for movies I’d like to see but I just can’t think of anything.



Let’s see. . . Spent a while working on some pools. Had to clean one pool for guests that are supposed to be coming. Also had to clean the union screen again for the chlorinator. I don’t know why this one pool in particular has such an issue. Then I got to spend a while dealing with the water delivery for the villa from yesterday.

After that, filling the leaky pool a bit and throwing a bunch of chlorine tabs in. The guests there really did a number on the pool. Tracked a bunch of sand in and the thing was a bit cloudy and not so nice looking. I’ll be going back in a couple of days to check and fill it again, might have to shock it.


Finally got around to watching Deadpool (and Deadpool 2). Good movies, the hype was a bit overblown but I understand why. They just didn’t resonate with me as much as other people. Still really enjoyed them and look forward to more.



Went to customs to clear some stuff for a villa. Took a little while but not too bad. Then it was on to accounting. This was mostly entering new transactions and stuff. Still haven’t completed the assignments from the last session with the accountant. I’ve been putting them off because it will probably be a pain. Of course, I say that now, but I’m sure when I do them they won’t be that bad.


So, a while back I played the demo of this game, and now it’s finally been released! Of course, I had to buy it, and chose to do so on the Switch. Now I just have to wait for it to download so I can play.



Started off the day transporting a housekeeper, then it was on to transporting curtains for a villa. After that it was on to the leaky pool, had to give it a shock cause it was still cloudy and add more water. Met with the maintenance guy there, got him to deal with moving a big ass door that needs to be installed.



Let’s see, started off fighting my nemesis this morning. Got guests arriving and it needs to be pretty. After that I headed up to drop some timesheets off with the housekeepers and checked the pool at that villa. Then it was on to check up on the leaky pool. Added a bit more water, but it was looking much clearer.

Then I got a call about an issue with the irrigation at the villa next door. So I rushed over there to find water just spraying out of the irrigation hose. Looks like it lost a drop head and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Luckily I knew where I could find some extra, so I popped one in.

After lunch I went back and put some duck tape over the hole and reinserted the drop head so it had a little less leak. Once that was done, I had to head back to leaky so I could turn off the hose.

Another Life

Started watching Another Life. Netflix series about aliens and space travel and stuff. Glad it’s out because I really needed some television to entertain me. So far I’m really enjoying the series, but I know I’ll be disappointed when I’m done because I’ll want more.



Pretty easy day, work-wise. Hit up the pool at the amazing house. It wasn’t too bad, just a bit of a scrub and vacuum. After that I ran and bought some primer for another villa that’s getting a pool installed some day. A guy’s been busy making a pump house, but there’s no official schedule yet for when the pool will even begin construction.



Was supposed to mostly be a day off (same with Sunday) but all I can really say about the days were annoyance. Trying to relax I just kept getting interrupted because of the water issues. Switched houses over between city water and cistern, had to deal with power outages, etc. Worst part was a lot of it was at night, like after bedtime. Ugh!

The Boys

When I wasn’t working I was binge watching The Boys. I really liked that show. And just like Another Life, I was so disappointed when it was over because I wanted more. Guess I’m going to have to wait . . .



More work, accounting, water stuff. Water heater at once property died, gotta get a part. Spent a good amount of time catching up on accounting. I’ve gotten through a bunch of the backlog of tasks from the accountant. Still more to go though. I’m getting there, slowly, but I’m getting there.


Had one of our housekeepers here to start the process of packing. Gonna have to move soon, but not sure exactly when or where I’ll be going. Luckily we finally received word from the owner of this house and his timetable has been pushed back, which gives me more time.



Got a couple housekeepers here again today, this time just cleaning, the place is a mess. I’m so messy. Gonna get that water heater fixed at some point today, gotta go check out a house, pick up some more primer. Still having water issues. I seem to have water here, but a house up the street doesn’t.


Had the housekeepers here cleaning. Took a while, but the place looks good. Kitchen hasn’t been this clean in a while. I’m a messy person and I’m not so good at cleaning. Took them nearly all day. I hid in my room playing Automachef while they worked in the kitchen, I really like the game.

Avengers: Endgame

No spoilers. Finally got to watch this. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan. The movie was good, entertaining, but it just didn’t catch my attention like the last one. Now I’m looking forward to watching the new Spiderman movie.



Ugh, when the housekeepers cleaned yesterday they cleared out the fridge and threw away old stuff. And, of course, they threw away stuff that was still good it seems. No creamer for my coffee this morning, just crappy milk! I was very disappointed, there was nothing wrong with my creamer!

A Day Late

So it’s a couple of days later and I’m trying to catch up with my blog and for the life of me I can’t remember much about this day. I’m pretty sure there was a bunch of running around, but I don’t remember.



Finally got water service back! Only out for nearly a week. Had to fill some pools, switch house’s off of cistern, etc.


Serviced pools a day early this week because tomorrow I have to go to Tortola again to go to the bank. Service wasn’t too bad. Touched a pool I don’t usually work because somehow the guy that was supposed to do it let it get so bad there were tadpoles living in it!



Off to Tortola early again to go to the bank. Two checks to deposit and I need cash. Seems like every couple of weeks I have to do this and it is so annoying.

The Bank

My God, the bank is more crowded than I have ever seen it. Got in at 9am on the dot (opens at 8:45a) and the place was so packed I had to wait in the vestibule. I figured that since the last time was a Friday and the wait wasn’t bad it would be okay. Guess that’s what I get for going to the bank on a Friday before a long holiday. I should have figured that into my plan.

And, as is always the way, they’re critically understaffed. This time they only seem to have two tellers working (plus one for deposit only). In the end they brought out a third teller, but by that point it was almost my turn. Overall it took about an hour and a half.

Paint Purchase

After that I had to secure a taxi for a trip to the paint store. Crazy guy, totally nuts. Really aggressive driver, tons of crappy shortcuts. Back roads that aren’t faster, cutting through parking lots, the works. He got me there though. And got me back to the dock. Can’t complain too much.


And of course, after getting back to Virgin Gorda I still had to run around. All day I was going places, dealing with more issues. Water delivery, water check, deliver paint, pay worker, and so on. Even at 10pm I had to run out and look into a power issue for some long term renters. It was not a good day.



Spent the morning working, dealt with the water issue at the leaky pool house. Even though water was returned to the rest of the island, something wasn’t working right there. Turns out there was crap in the line. Guy cleared dirt and rocks from the pipes. Once that was done my day was free.


So I spent the rest of the day playing games and watching videos. Many more movies added to my list of watched.

Featured Image

This posts’s featured image is a heavy rainstorm on top of Gorda Peak. There was just something alluring about the way the clouds hung there and hid the peak. Plus I really like the way I framed the shot with a palm tree.

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