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Relaxation (Sunday)


Another glorious day off! This one was totally chill. I watched like 4 movies and played some games. I’ve updated the movie list accordingly. So it was The Endless, Us, Lying and Stealing, and Critters: Attack! Not necessarily in that order. All were entertaining to me in their own way. And yes, really, that’s about all I did today.



I spent so much time running around today I barely even remember what I did. I did go to a tourism industry meeting. It was mostly a waste of time and kept me up past my bedtime. But it was requested that I go, so I did.



Another mostly relaxing day. The intern isn’t working, so neither am I. I spent a good deal of time playing some games, and watched a movie, Long Shot. It was good, I really enjoyed it. Yes, I like stupid romantic comedies sometimes.


I did have to do a little work, the washing machine at one of our houses died. Got a guy over to look at it, but repair isn’t an option. Gonna have to replace the damned thing. I’m sure the owner won’t be happy about that.


TV Shows

New TV is coming! Gonna check out some new shows I just found out about. One called Pandora, just aired the first episode last night. Another Life, from Netflix, premiers next week. And then there’s Killjoys returning on Friday! I’m sad that this will be the final season, I really like that show.


Ugh, no water this morning. It really sucks because it’s really hot and I feel so icky and sticky. Couldn’t do dishes either, so had to think hard about breakfast. Luckily I had some oatmeal that guests left a while back. Not gonna be a good day.



I worked on a couple of pools today. Mostly because I won’t have much time tomorrow to do them because I have to go to town. All I really did was check the balance.


Also went over some work that needs to be done next door. Lots of wood there needs to be refinished. Hopefully we’ll get the okay from the owner to start on it.

Tortola (Friday)


I arrived at the bank around 9:05. The line didn’t take much time, only about twenty minutes. But the transactions took over an hour! A deposit of two checks, a single wire transfer, and cashing a check.

After that was a trek to a different bank, one I hadn’t been to before and had no reliable location information online. Luckily, I found it, and it was only a quick stop! Of course, my timing sucks and I missed the ferry by minutes and the next one isn’t for about and hour.



Because of my trip into town Friday, I didn’t get my usual pools done so I finished up what I hadn’t done on Thursday. It wasn’t too much work, but I spent a good couple of hours working on it.


After that my day was mostly free. I spent time playing games and watching TV and Movies. I’m starting to run out of ideas of things to watch in my free time. Summer means less TV and I am running out of movies on my list that I’m seriously interested in. Luckily, next week a couple of new shows drop, so that’ll help!

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is another batch of clouds. This one I’ve titled Puffy Love. I really don’t know why. My creativity is starting to run out. . .

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