Pools and More Pools


Another day with more work. What’s on today’s docket? Pools! Checking up on a close villa. . . And more website stuff. First thing I did was get the appointment scheduled with the accountant. Yay, Monday morning. . .


Then it was time to service pools. Today I did an extra-good job on all the pools. I started at the amazing house (as usual). Good scrub and vacuum all while adding water to the pool. It’s been warm and dry lately, so most of our pools are low.


After that pool was good, I headed out to our closed-up villa. I verified we didn’t have any more squatters and while I was there I documented a bunch of repairs the place needs. Took photos and made tasks in our Wunderlist for everything I could find.

More Pools

After I was done there, I headed on to continue servicing pools. The next was fairly easy, but I still gave it a nice scrub and vacuum while adding water. Once that pool was good, I headed home for a quick lunch break.

Then it was back to my nemesis, the devil pool next door. The guests there have two little kids, so there’s constantly crap in the pool. I gave it a really good clean. Total skim, scrub, and vacuum. And as with the rest, added a lot of water.

And now I’m exhausted. But that’s not going to keep me from working on our pool. Problem is, I’ve run out of chemicals, so all I could really do is scrub it. And add water, of course. Next week I’ll have to get a bunch of chemicals like chlorine tabs, sodium bicarbonate, and shock.


Got a new villa added to the site now. Put it in the slider, got it all worked out and looking good! While I was working on that, I found that the optimizations I did yesterday broke the site. The booking calendar just wasn’t showing up at all. I swear it was working when I finished yesterday though. It’s possible something changed on the provider’s side that caused it. I had to disable the JavaScript optimizations to fix it.

Stardew Valley

I did it, I got fishing to level 10! Took a lot less time than I expected. I also finally got Marnie’s amaranth, although I haven’t had time to give it to her yet. I’m still trying to collect materials to craft more oil makers. I have way too many truffles for a single machine. I also need to start building casks, but that will come later.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is the hill near home. I love the way the clouds look over the brush.

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