Weekend Work



Spent a good chunk of today working on the company site again. This time I was working on our “Local Resources” page. It took me hours to get the right look. But I just kept plugging away at it until I had something better than before.

Once the layout was set it was time to change all the existing entries to match. Then came adding new stuff to the page. Luckily, that was by far the easiest part. Adding a new entry was so much quicker than trying to modify an existing one. Now it’s up on the test site and looks pretty good. I guess I should see about transferring it to the live site. Meh, tomorrow.

Stardew Valley

Another couple of days gone by. Finally got a second oil maker. It wasn’t until after I stopped playing that I realized I don’t have to build all my casks. The wiki informed me that the house upgrade came with some. Oops, my bad for not actually going into the basement.



Continued cleanup on the pool here. It’s still in bad shape but it’s getting better again. Full vacuum and scrub. Added chlorine granules to help shock it. I need more chlorine tabs as I’ve used the last one in this pool. Probably should get some shock too, for this pool and my nemesis. Maybe even algaecide.


The roommate left for a while today with a friend. It was nice to have the place to myself, even if I did just spend the whole time in my room. I watched the show Russian Doll, it was good, strange, but good.

Stardew Valley

I also played more Stardew Valley. I finally put those casks in the basement to work. Cheese and wine ageing nicely. I also finally remembered to buy beet seeds. I need those beets. I really need to start putting my slime hutch to use soon, but that will be another day.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is the ocean. I just can’t get enough of that beautiful blue water. I love the way the color shifts and the water flows.

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