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So I’ve spent all morning writing up a blog post about water taxis in the BVI for our company site. Lots of research goes into making a quality post. I’ve been using all kinds of resources to write up what I hope will be good. The post was prompted by another local travel site’s article on water taxis. It’s just about done now, but I’m not so sure I want to publish it yet. We don’t want to appear to be too much of a copycat.

Other than this post, I also went by to check on a villa that’s empty. We’re scheduling for a water delivery because the cistern is getting a little low. While there, we met the landscaper’s dog. Quite energetic, such zoomies! He was a very friendly pup.

We put the Vitara in the shop for a checkup, so we’re down to just my truck. It is not fun driving that thing with two passengers. It’s not meant for that many people in the cab! I was able to get both housekeepers dropped off successfully though.

Stardew Valley

Finally got the last house upgrade started! I’ve been working on my relationship with the villagers, it’s slow going. Also reached level 9 in fishing. I’m going to have to make that a priority and start fishing a little bit every time I play if I want to hit level 10 any time soon though.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is another sunrise. Sometimes the camera doesn’t quite capture the colors I’m seeing but this picture got it right. It’s amazing waking up to skies like this.

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