Reading Rain


Stupid bots are still finding a way around the ReCaptcha! So now I’ve added a new plugin to help. It’s a mix between proactive and reactive. The plugin is called Ban Hammer. It allows me to add certain email domains (and even keywords) to a blacklist. Then, anyone trying to register an account that matches the blacklist will be prevented from doing so. This may not be the best approach, but it’s the best I’m getting for now.


The sky is threateningly dark again and thunder rumbles through the air. A nearby island is flooding. Schools have been closed for the day. The rain is coming here soon, so far it’s been just a light sprinkle though. Power began to flicker as the dire weather drew closer. By mid-afternoon, the rain finally abated, the clouds drifted away, and the sky cleared.


I’ve spent a good deal of the day reading because of the rain. Most (although not all) of it was continuing the saga I started yesterday, Croatoan, Earth, The Saga Begins. Another story I originally found from /r/bestofWritingPrompts. Eventually I reached the end of that series, but I’m happy to say I have another three books worth of reading! There have been new installations from Small Worlds and A Court for Crows that I devoured eagerly as well.


After reading so much today, my creativity is spurred. Croatoan has given me some ideas that I’d really like to incorporate into Untitled Short. The only problem is I can’t really get myself to do anything with it. Sure, eventually I’ll do something, maybe tomorrow, maybe when I’ve finished the fourth book. Maybe now? Why not!

Okay, I’ve done it. I’ve written some ideas down, notes on what I think need to be remembered about the universe of Untitled Short. I have a feeling this story may actually go somewhere. . . I really want to continue my analysis of the first bit I wrote, I just can’t seem to tear myself away from reading.

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