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After thinking about some things, I’ve wanted to make a few notes in general about ideas I’ve floated regarding the universe of the story. Here goes nothing . . .


The Omnitool I may have mentioned somewhere, it’s a bracelet, two really, one on each wrist. They contain nanites that are used to basically create whatever you want, to a certain extent. It’s gotta stay realistic. They build basic structures from carbon nanotubes that they make by removing and restructuring CO2 from the air. They can make more complex things, if the elements are available in the immediate surroundings.

You need a simple wrench, they pull the CO2 out of the air and build one in your hand. You need a knife, same thing. Need a gun, sure why not, but ammo requires different materials, gotta have the base elements available. Want to laser? Need a whole lot of different materials, gold, silicon, whatever. The more complex, the longer it takes to build.

Not everyone has an Omnitool, it’s something John has only because of his job. They aren’t cheap, expensive pieces of technology that only certain people can afford if they aren’t given one for whatever reason (like a job, a family heirloom, whatever). Maybe there are knock-off Omnitools that aren’t as good on the black market? 

Those who don’t have Omnitools may still have bands that allow for gestures. Unitool maybe? I should probably come up with better names for these things. Ideas?


The nanites are also able to project things, which is how personal displays work. There are still displays built around places, but for John, the displays he’s using are projected from his omnitool. They can also communicate, obviously, to other nearby nanites/equipment/whatever. 

They can scan too, makes sense. So they can take stock of things around them, feed back info to the display to know what could be created based on preprogrammed objects. Non-standard things can be designed using the displays and gestures. 


Gestures are detected by the omnitool. That’s how they work, sensing the motions you make. Gestures can be simple swipes or complex hand movements depending on the gesture. It’ll be like a sign language. . . 

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