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This is a short bit of prose that I originally wrote during a previous blog post.

John found himself alone again after a long hectic day at work. It was a nice reprieve from the hustle of his post. The cold metal under his bare feet was soothing as he sat on his bunk in his quarters. He spent some time just relaxing, his eyes closed as he took deep breaths focusing on the sounds from outside. Footsteps echoed in the hall beyond his door. Muffled voices filtered through what little soundproofing was provided.

As he opened his eyes he scanned his room. It was just the right size for him. Most others didn’t like how little space they were allocated for themselves but John found he liked the cozy feel. It was his own little slice of heaven. He had just enough space for himself and everything he needed.

His bunk served as not just a bed, but also a comfortable seat when using his terminal. He looked over at the photos he had on display. He thought about his family back home and wondered if they were thinking of him too.

John stood up and flicked on a display on the wall. After tapping a few button he was presented with clothing options and after a few more taps had selected his outfit. An empty compartment opened below.

He stripped off his work uniform and dropped it into the compartment then stepped into the open corner. A light mist of water surrounded him while a shimmering blue field encapsulated him to keep the water in. Water was such a precious resource. Every drop was collected and recycled.

John thought about the water closet, an ingenious design. It served so many needs on demand; a shower, sink, head, disposal. It handled all waste quickly and cleanly, everything was recycled.

When John finished, he stepped through the blue field. His skin tingled slightly as it collected the remaining water. The field collapsed slowly towards the floor. It collected the remaining water and sanitized the water closet until it disappeared into the drain.

Another door slid open in the wall. His clothes waited for him. It was a simple outfit that he usually wore for social occasions, nothing more than jeans and a t-shirt. He got dressed quickly because he knew Becky would be waiting for him.

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